New 2022 Toyota Aygo X Rugged Small SUV

Toyota has officially unveiled the new Aygo X, a sub-compact crossover with SUV styling elements.

The all-new Toyota Aygo X is a crossover unique in the A-segment, designed and produced in Europe to meet the demands of urban and suburban life in Europe.
Toyota Aygo X is based on the GA-B platform, an architecture derived from the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform on which the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Yaris Cross are based.

Toyota Aygo X stands 3,700 mm in length, 1,740 mm in width and 1,510 mm in height.

The Toyota Aygo X comes with a two-tone exterior colour scheme that enhances its rugged appearance. The dual-tone scheme has been used in a different way than usually seen in other vehicles. The C-pillar of the Aygo X gets the black tone while the rest of the body gets other four available colours which include red, blue, cardamom green and beige.

Toyota Aygo X gets a large front grille, fog lamps, headlights along with LED daytime running lights. The indicators are two bars of light surrounded by a subtle bright light. The Aygo X also gets a profile in which the roof is wedge-shaped to provide a more sporty look to the car. It also sits on a set of 18-inch wheels which enhance the sporty character of the Aygo X.

The increase in dimensions has resulted in a greater sense of space inside the cabin. While the focus of the cabin remains on utility, it is a much more modern affair than its predecessor. Taking centre stage is a 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment unit and a semi-digital driver’s instrument console. The infotainment system is laced with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with the option of MyT connected car tech.

Powering the third-gen Aygo X is a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine that pushes out 71 bhp at 6000rpm and 93 Nm of peak torque at 4400rpm. This motor is paired with either a five-speed manual or CVT automatic gearbox. As for performance, the manual iteration of the crosshatch takes 15.6 seconds to reach 100 kmph from a standstill whereas the CVT derivative is just 0.1 seconds quicker.

The new colour concept is inspired by various spices to develop a unique range of colours for the Aygo X, each capturing the flavours and personalities of the car.

Cardamom conjures an impression of style and elegance, delivering a refined and understated aesthetics with the green’s low saturation effect.

Chilli is a fiery and premium colour that catches the eye of passers-by with a warm and deep colour reflection thanks to the inclusion of a fine sprinkling of blue metallic flakes in the red paint.

Ginger is a sophisticated and enduring beige which hints at a spirit of adventure and warm complexity in its hue.

Juniper is youthful with a touch of masculinity and is a blue created specifically for the model to give it an icy coolness while adding subtle reddish undertones.

Each of these powerful spice colours starkly contrast with the bi-tone black of the roof and rear that makes the Aygo X instantly stand out and be recognised.

This spice theme is not just skin deep. Interior highlights match the exterior spice colours to give a distinctive design to the cockpit, including the dashboard and centre consoles. Closer inspection of the seats will show the “X” symbol discreetly stitched right into the fabric.





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  1. Pie mas bien prevé la versión nueva del Prius C o del Yaris hatch para el tercer mundo y con eso no quiero decir que sea malo o corriente.

  2. Hola…lastima no tener un perfil de neumáticos más alto, siquiera 205/65/16"…es lo feo, si llega a Colombia llegaría desvalijado por ni decir más, una caja vacía, el carrusel de la corrupción…
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