NEW 2022 HONDA ACCORD is Here! All You Need to Know (Interior, Exterior, Features, Power-Hybrid)

Automagz – New 2022 Honda Accord

On October 9, the 2022 Accord was officially launched. A total of 9 new models were launched, including 5 fuel version and 4 hybrid version. The fuel version and the hybrid version are only different in length. They are 4906mm and 4908mm, respectively, the width is 1862mm, and the height is 1449mm. The wheelbase is 2830mm. Compared with current models, there is no substantial improvement in its internal space.

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50 thoughts on “NEW 2022 HONDA ACCORD is Here! All You Need to Know (Interior, Exterior, Features, Power-Hybrid)”

  1. Guys, If you don’t know that Honda has another brand called Acura they make a great cars with a better performance and different designs.
    Especially the NSX type s.
    Check it out.

  2. Just got this in all white & the performance and the elegant display of the car, let alone the grand technology, and safety security features. Got the last one in my metropolitan’s area 🌁. Whoever experiences the Sport 2.0 will cancel out every other car in its league. Such a superb sedan that’ll have your 6 and give you a enjoyable and exhilarating or lax dynamic trio of a ride. 10/10 with a star on top,,, lets see what 2022-2025 will bring

  3. IN 1992 my Accord EX cost $18,000. Ten years later, my Accord EX costs $19,500. Now these cars are running close to $40,000! I needed a good used car, and got a Honda Fit. Even it was over $20,000!

  4. Big disappointed Honda can do more it’s look like previously model if I spent 60000 Australian dollars on Honda Accord probably put 10000 extra buy BMW series 2 or Mercedes’ Benz c class much more better

  5. Im not inpressed…Thumbs down from me! Its just like the civi, same body language, and the rear is sloping too, meaning less clearance/headroom for rear passengers. the front and rear is just like civic… so where''s the fucking difference from this luxury car.

  6. This is NOT for America. Notice there’s no volume or tuning knob. Honda won’t make the mistake again of not putting at least a volume know on their cars for this market.

  7. I have a 17 Touring. Which to me- is the most beautiful accord to date. The new ones are nice but the front end makes it look like they have a uni-brow
    Edit: I absolutely LOVE the red interior. My car is black, and red interior against it would look insane

  8. i love all honda accords from 2015 to the current design. The current civic just ruins it! now it' s hard to differentiate Civics and Accord. also, the New Acura just came out and it looks very similar to the Accord!! HONDA stop making all your cars look like Honda Accords!

  9. I purchased 2018 accord in brand new. Now has 114,000 miles. List of problems I had or have: driver door hits fender, water in both tail lights, paint easily damages, 2 wheel bearings went bad, sound system is weak, radar sync goes out in snow, no hood struts, bad rear wheel shocks, check engine cylinder 3 misfire codes, intake codes fuel ration faults, horn goes out, electrical issues, emergency breaking randomly comes on, front seats need more room, no power passenger seat, non LED interior light, parts like sparks plugs are never in stock at AutoZone, mediocre suspension and control feeel,


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