Myths About FTM Bottom Surgery

Some myths and false information about the results from getting lower surgery (metoidioplasty or phalloplasty).
Let me know any other ones that you’ve heard!

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45 thoughts on “Myths About FTM Bottom Surgery”

  1. wow "Today we are talking about penises" oh My God I stop by to tell you about Jesus's death and ressurection and freedom through him.

  2. I thank you for this video, may have looked on Phub for this kinda stuff, not much there. Its mostly cause my BF (FtM) is wanting to get the top and bottom surgery eventually so I like to learn about this stuff so I know what he's actually talking about

  3. I have some questions (that you probably habe answered in another video.) That are I little much
    1- with phallo, does the size of your 🍆 depend on how big a skin graph they take? and if so, where is the best place to get a large skin graph?🙄
    2- how long after bottom Surgery do you have to wait to have youknowwhat?
    3-penisenlargementpills? So they work on a trans?
    4-can they take skin graphs if you have scars on your legsarms? (I got scarsss

  4. There are some myths I have questions about. Would my Dick get wet? And what about my yummy fish smell. Will it be a wet fish if I get it?

  5. For the last 4 years my daughter has been dressing like a boy and just stopped being feminine. She told me in tears she was born wrong in 3rd grade. Now she has made up her mind and is starting to transition (14 years). I'm still getting used to the pronouns forgive me. Yesterday he got his hair chopped and told me "I'm finally starting to feel the way I'm meant to be." I'm still struggling with calling him David. I'm lucky because I asked him to be patient and assured him I always have and always will love him no matter what. He smiled and said he could wait. I thought there were no bottom surgery options. Thanks for your videos as a mom I'm trying to educate myself so I can be there for my child.

  6. I’m Trans and like i kinda came out to my parents- and I was like.. yeah.. that also means like.. I don’t want boobs anymore.. and my parents were like 😧

  7. I just watched the surgeries and it's aweful. It reminds me of cutters going whole hog
    I also heard if a guy who became a woman changed his mind and now his penis is gone

    Can you ejaculate

  8. my mom talked with some trans friends of hers who had bad experiences and she fully believes all of these myths, though when I'll be able to, I really want to get lower surgery. SENDING THIS TO HER RIGHT AWAY, THANK YOU JAMIE❤️


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