Mr Darcy & The Ol’ Man LIVEstream. We talk motorbikes! Honda, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Royal Enfield…

Our very first LIVEstream!
We talk motorbikes!
YOUR questions and comments answered!
You can talk to us LIVE – ask what you like!
Whats to come on our channel, what we like, what we dislike. Will we be reviewing the new BSA? Our favourite bikes and worst!
We will be guided by your comments but will kick off with a bit about the new 2022 Harley-Davidsons and let you know how Darcy has been getting on with the SIZAPP, YOU CAN PURCHASE YOURS HERE

We can talk about The Ol Man’s new BMW R 18 and Darcy’s Harley-Davidson Softail Standard, what bikes we’ve had and reviewed, how long we’ve been riding, crashes, regrets – you name it; it’s up for discussion.
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29 thoughts on “Mr Darcy & The Ol’ Man LIVEstream. We talk motorbikes! Honda, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Royal Enfield…”

  1. Just before it cut out I commented that I have purchased a 2021 H-D iron 883 and that your review really helped with the decision and with size reference as I'm 6"1 220lbs+. Love the reviews so keep them up!

  2. Agree re those horrible mag wheels on the new HD.
    And to add to that, their new prices here in Australia keep going up, $2,000 each in fact for 2022. In your opinion, what's the best value for money, big twin cruiser that still looks good with a screen and bags, good for short touring say around 1,000 klms?

  3. I do believe y'all's channel does well, because you do a wide range of bikes. At least the Brit channels. I just bought the T100, so been more watching triumph channels. But do like a mix, especially y'all,cause you seem more Harley type. Guess I've always been a Harley, liker, though never owned or ridden one. Close as I came was the VMAX. But it was more a speedster than Harley.

  4. Missed it due to passing out after booster. But ok now!

    Was gonna ask you some questions re Wales etc. Hope you do another livestream at some point.

    Am fiddling with a Garmin at the mo (where the hell is my USB port). Also got some ACF50 to apply.

    P.s Should be rdy for Summer adventures. Trying to source a summer jacket/trousers.

  5. Suggestion for a new content in 2022 (other than bike reviews) would be a review of cruiser riding gear (Jackets, boots, gloves etc) none of the motorcycle channels cover cruiser riding gear , they all seem to bombard you with tech speak on the latest gortex fandango kit, a quick review of the Ol Mans Goldtop jacket would be good start (it was so good you bought one)

  6. Looking forward to seeing your Goldstar riding review; some others suggest that rhe engine looks like a right 'dog's dinner'

  7. Sorry I couldn’t join you on the live stream but I really enjoyed watching later whilst trying to kill myself in the gym. Keep up the good workπŸ‘πŸ»

  8. Hopefully you will be able to review the Honda CB1100RS soon. I would love to hear your take on it! Keep up the good work πŸ‘

  9. Dammit missed the stream. Just wondering whether the Ol' Man plans to do a 30k mile review of the Honda Monkey this year?

  10. I missed the live… I was at work here in Brazil… that's why I'm only seeing it now…. have you come to Brazil?? .. big hug!!


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