Metaverse Coins to Rise in February 🚀 Metaverse Coin Basket | #MANA #SAND #ENJ

Metaverse coins are on the rise. Which are the best Metaverse coins and will metaverse coins rise? What’s in the winning metaverse basket? MANA, SAND and ENJ averaged around 10% gains. MANA, which is seen as the locomotive for Metaverse cryptos, has reached the level of $ 2.20 with a 10% increase. The crypto asset, which does not have a serious resistance up to $ 2.5, may experience another sharp rise – if the market remains positive – according to analysts. SAND, which is known as MANA’s biggest competitor, has experienced a 17% increase in the last 24 hours. Important resistances for SAND are at $3.9, $4.5 and $5.2. In case of a possible pullback, we can say that the closest support is at the $3 level. Finally, ENJ has gained 10% in the last 24 hours. Traded at $1.60 as of the video, Enjin is 65% far from the record level. Experts, who expect February and March to be positive, expect the bulls to be more effective in these months. What do you think about the general situation of the market and Metaverse cryptos? Can they experience serious rises again? To listen to Kripto101 on Spotify;

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  1. 100 adet mana coin alsak 3 yıl sonra tanesi 1.000 ₺ olsa ki kesinlikle olur ve 100.000₺ bakiyemiz olur (97.000₺ kâr)


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