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Today we are looking at METAPETS IMPORTANT !!!

Scam Alert Part 1 Video

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10 thoughts on “METAPETS IMPORTANT !!!”

  1. Man why not invest what you can afford to lose, this coin is exploding right now and is definitely going to lose a couple zeros, don’t get fomo because of over-speculation

  2. Hey dude ive been watching your coverage videos on Metapets for about a week now. I can see why people are suspect of this project but i honestly think this is a legit project. The CEO put out his face and he has been doxxed so if it is a dump it will be very bad for him haha. I also believe its too early to say much about the project but buying early is where the big gains are usually made but has a high risk. I sold this coin a week ago and bought back in 2 days ago, purchasing/selling the coin was no issue everything went smoothly. All i say is we are too early to make judgements as none of us truely know the projects timeline except for the CEO.

  3. I watched the video and tried to pull money out to check. It comes out just fine, but there's a hefty fee from Metapets on the transaction. Just an FYI

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