Metamon (RACA) Metamon Game Raiders Explained | Can Radio Caca build the largest metaverse on BSC – USM Metaverse | Vault in the next gamefi?

Probability of Primordial Beast Egg🈶️Changed: The chance of casting Primordial Beast has been reduced from 18% to 9%. Small stone telegram exchange group:

To get the strategy document, everyone can send: Yuanbeast strategy to Xiaoshi’s mailbox: [email protected], I will try to reply you as soon as possible, and if you are a friend of QQ mailbox, you need to surf the Internet scientifically to see the files of Google Cloud Oh metamon (Meta beast) Raiders game overview You need to prepare at least one meta beast, some RACA and some BNB as gas fee. First question: Where can I buy raca? Answer: You can buy RACA tokens on Pancakeswap, MEXC and You can purchase NFTs produced by RACA on RACA’s NFT Marketplace. There are three main ways to participate in the game: 1. Challenge. When you use your own Meta Beast to challenge the opponent’s Meta Beast, it will cost you 250 RACA as a challenge fee. The winning side gets a reward. RACA fees collected will be destroyed weekly. 2. Training, players can use rewards to develop their meta beasts by leveling up or improving meta beast attributes – such as increasing the challenge success rate or increasing the odds of getting rare meta beasts. 3. Harvest, players have the opportunity to get Yuan beast eggs as rewards, and the rewards will be displayed when they are opened. Metamon Metamons are in-game characters and NFTs (EIP-721). Metamons are NFT assets with different images, properties, scarcity and levels. Rarity is divided into four categories: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR). Each Metamon has a unique token ID. Each Metamon gets 20 Energy per day. Each challenge consumes 1 energy, which means that each Metamon can perform 20 challenges per day. Metamon energy will reset every day at 00:00 UTC. Metamon NFTs Total Supply N Metamon: 2000000 R Metamon: 20000 SR Metamon: 200 SSR Metamon: 20 Metamon Level Metamon will gain experience points in challenges. Metamon can spend resources to upgrade the current Metamon level from 1 to 60 after you have gained enough experience points. Of course, when you challenge a higher level Metamon, you get more experience points, and vice versa. Arena Metamon has three arenas: Basic Battleground (requires level 1 – 20) Intermediate Battleground (level 21 – 40) Advanced Battleground (level 41 – 60). The higher the league, the better the rewards. Each challenge in Primary Battleground costs 250 RACA. Each challenge in the middle battleground consumes 500 RACA. Each challenge in Advanced Battlegrounds consumes 1000 RACA. Arena Rewards: Basic Battlefield: When RACA is consumed, it will drop a copper treasure chest, and there is a chance to drop a silver treasure chest. Middle Battlefield: When RACA is consumed, it will drop 1 silver coin chest, and there is a chance to drop a gold coin chest. Advanced Battlefield: When RACA is consumed, 1 gold chest will be dropped, and there is a chance to drop a rare chest. Chest Rewards: Metamon Fragments and Potions. Challenges consume RACA, and in return, they drop chests. All chests contain Metamon shards. Metamon Eggs Metamon Egg fragments can be merged into Metamon Eggs, or NFTs. (1000 Metamon Egg Fragments are combined into 1 Metamon Egg) Metamon Egg Fragments are not NFT assets (cannot be traded). Metamon Eggs can be traded. Metamon Eggs are mystery boxes. When you open the Metamon Egg, you may win one of the following: Normal Metamon Rare Metamon, SR Metamon, SSR Metamon Yellow Diamond Purple Diamond Upgrade Potion 3. Purple Diamond 0.120821% 4. N Meta Beast 17.595408% 5. R Meta Beast 0.183829% 6. SR Meta Beast 0.001571% 7. SSR Meta Beast 0.000242% In the next version, different potions will be introduced. Potion enhances metamagic properties. We will also support BMM, MPB, MML – owning them will increase your odds of getting rare rewards when opening Metamon Eggs. In the next version, we will design different Metamon races with different fighting skills and advantages. Later, we will design and implement dungeons, team systems, and more advanced ranking systems.


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  3. 我感觉区块链的游戏都是骗局,不要轻易进去玩,一旦玩了就等着亏钱吧,他们的代币跌的要死不活,每天跌8%个点,进去玩了4天,血亏3000USDT


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