Meet The ULTIMATE Luxury Tundra: The All New 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone!

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Meet the new Toyota Tundra Capstone, the luxury Tundra built to compete with the GMC Sierra Denali, Ford F-150 Limited, and Ram 1500 Limited. Let’s check it out!

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45 thoughts on “Meet The ULTIMATE Luxury Tundra: The All New 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone!”

  1. Toyota did a BIG update on the Tundra, but I just DO NOT like the front end of the truck, plus it has NO TOW HOOKS in either end!

  2. This truck is for the owner to show up at the jobs site and shiw off. I don't see many of these being used for what a truck is meant to do. I would still love one but in black night edition or straight black and white to match interior.

  3. The leather on the Capstone is semi aniline leather. A leather that is used in top model luxury cars such as the LS500 and some Mercedes Benz S Class models (some have lower level Nappa leather – aniline).

  4. Kase or Case great job I’m glad you have brought him in Tommy 👍🏻 another great vid keep it up guys I love we love the content.

  5. One thing I remember about my truck is that I spent more time in it than anywhere else. I have nothing against luxury trucks; spending that kind of time in a bare bones truck is not cool.

  6. not enough good options for this trim to be considered the cream of the crop. even worse you have less options to choose from.

  7. Why this Toyota pickup has been hyped so much by everyone? Ok, it is a reliable toyota, but all these videos on YouTube are like making this a second coming or something. Just a pickup truck..

  8. I love when companies do these luxury models. I have no problem with someone who wants a luxury truck like this having vehicles designed for them. I just wish they would try to keep the mid range models at a more reasonable price.

  9. sorry I feel like you are paid by toyota. this truck is just a platinum with different leather. and accoustic glass. as for the wheels..why would you want 22 in as a luxury driver?? are you really going to take that leather interior offroading/ mudding? geeezzz a lot of money for a platinum

  10. Will a buyer has a choice in informant screen size on Tundra regardless of model purchased? I wish my screen to be in dash not overlapping everywhere.🤔

  11. How about offering an 1.8KW (minimum) inverter? Common maaaaaaan…. I love the Tundra but it needs to support in part or in whole (optimally) a travel trailer where there are no electrical hookups. Easy to do… upgrade the alternator, install an inverter…this would create a huge increase in capability.

  12. According to Toyota in Canada the 2021 Tundra has Acoustic Glass. It's on Build a Price. I like watching all your different videos guys. Keep making them !

  13. Great pre-evaluation of the Capstone. It would be nice to see a review of the loaded 1794 when it’s available with the iForceMax Hybrid engine


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