Meet the EUW 500LP Top Lane Aurelion Sol Player


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Hey guys its Sol here! I am the former #1 Aurelion Sol in NA (according to Professor Poro) but had to take a break from him due to me trying my chances in amateur League of Legends.

In today’s video, we review a 500 LP Challenger EUW top lane Asol player. We watch some Aurelion Sol vs Akshan on patch 12.1. I do a Midbeast style video with some cuts and give you guys some insight on what this 18 yr old French player is doing differently from your average Asol.


20 thoughts on “Meet the EUW 500LP Top Lane Aurelion Sol Player”

  1. Loved the video ! I love those review videos, I learn so much more than when I just watch those games without your commentary. Keep it up ! Please do more challenger reviews, I'll watch them all !

  2. Nice Video! I learned alot from your content and already improved my Asol. I am kinda new to the champion so im really exited for new Videos! Uhm do you live in NA? Or EUW? Because i would like to join your streams but the timelines could be different. keep going! :))

  3. So the guy runs Phase rush 90% of his games , and u picked the game that he goes Electrocute in ? really ? haha πŸ˜€

  4. I really think Toplane asol is great. Although i feel exhaust might be overkill, or rather underkill, in most matchups. Idk though.

  5. so this is the first video Ive watched from you and Id like to give some constructive critism. sometimes you through out these phrases like "play smart" like yeah of course its better to play smart then stupid. but HOW do you play smart?I can tell that you have a lot of midbeast influence and he also says things like "play consistent" but he often explains what he means with that. so in general I think it would be better that you try to explain what the aurelion sol player might be thinking instead of saying "this guy knows when to shove wave". Because I dont. And the reason people are probably watching these videos is because they want to hear your thoughts on why this player makes certain desicions.


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