Media Briefing on Battery EV Strategies (Presentation / with subtitles)

Tokyo, Japan, December 14, 2021―Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) held today a media briefing on battery EV strategies. Video of the press briefing is available below.

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22 thoughts on “Media Briefing on Battery EV Strategies (Presentation / with subtitles)”

  1. Deep bow to Japanese companies: TOYOTA and Panasonic!!!
    Due to their hard and honest work all humanity can live a better life!
    They deserves to make more money than greedy and evil banksters of NY!!!

  2. Have driven Toyota's for the last 15 years, had 3 Avensis's and two RAV4's, one diesel the newer being a hybrid AWD, I get more mpg than my previous diesel, I absolutely love my RAV4.
    At the moment full EV vehicles are not fit for purpose, range is appalling along with the cost of purchase and recharging times. If I were to travel to Scotland which we did in 2019 it took us 9 hours to get there, would hate to see how long it would take in a full EV RAV4, spending so much time recharging the battery.
    I really hope that Toyota's Solid State Batteries lead the way
    Surely there must be a way to put devices in the road which when the vehicle runs over it, provides a charge / boosts to the battery

    Putting the above aside, the new bz4x looks nice

  3. If Tesla is Apple, Toyota is Blackberry. People forget what makes Toyota/Japanese vehicles more reliable. It’s the engine and the transmission. Guess what isn’t showing up in electric vehicles? They’re also facing stiff competition from Volkswagen, GM, Ford, and a variety of Chinese startups that will kill Toyota’s market share in China all together. Good luck to them but I’m not holding my breath lol.

  4. Finally, one manufacturer is being practical and truthful about the pollution caused by power plants. Powering EVs might somehow be more polluted than running good hybrids… not to mention some countries do not even have enough electricity to power households and industries during peak hours…


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