KM MISSERS | 3,162km Toyota Corolla exits Moldy Garage after 21 years | Part 1

Part 2 of this video – Our cleaning video is at the link;

Part 3 of this video – Our first starter and maintenance video after 21 years is at the link;

Chapter 4 of this video: First Drive – First Inspection:

Today in our KM Misers series; We are with the 2000 model Toyota Corolla, which has been kept intact for 21 years in a one-car garage. Since the garage it is in does not have any space to allow air to breathe, we discovered this Corolla at only 3162km in a garage where even spiders got moldy. In our video, we will not only examine the vehicle in its location, but also remove it with a tow truck and first replace the tires that are crushed under the weight of the vehicle. Afterwards, we will examine the engine and the lower part of the tire where we change. Then, without wasting any time, we will move on to its cleaning and publish it tomorrow. Let’s see how this KM Miser is affected by the garage where even spiders are moldy. Let’s see together. Enjoy watching.


32 thoughts on “KM MISSERS | 3,162km Toyota Corolla exits Moldy Garage after 21 years | Part 1”

  1. Bunu temizlemek için bin liradan çıkman lazım AB
    Biz bu kadar bıraktık opel vectra 1.6 tertemiz tuttuk araba tek marşta
    Çalıştı ilginç

  2. Benzin full gözüküyor…rahmetli depoyu kaça doldurdu aceba ?aksi takdirde depo kesin paslanırdı…2000 yılında 60 krş benzin

  3. Merhabalar. Almanyada yasiyorum. Videonuzu yeni gördüm ve soluksuz izledim. Bu arabayi satmak istiyorsaniz benimle iletisime gecebilirsiniz.


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