JP Performance – The first video with my girlfriend! Oh and our new Honda NSX!!

My first American registered car! – – – #jpperformance We use these products every day! *

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– – – …Jean Pierre Kraemer / JP Performance GmbH – two terms that stand for fun, performance, power, cheeky sayings, fast cars, turbo technology, turbo conversions, boost pressure and much more. With these videos I offer you an insight into daily life here in the company, performance improvements, technical details & explanations, sound files, measured values, comparisons, new products & presentations and and and… You are practically “live” at all our projects and events and travel into the big, wide world. Whether Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, GMC, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Range Rover, Skoda, Tesla, Volkswagen or Wiesmann… it’s for Something for everyone and also almost from A – Z 😛 Anyone who thinks: I LIKE BIG BOOST is in the right place here, true to the motto TRACK CROSS SEE MORE you can see recordings of drifts, drags and other games that big boys hold like to do. If you have any suggestions / requests or anything else, please feel free to contact us at: 0231/39696375 – [email protected] –


21 thoughts on “JP Performance – The first video with my girlfriend! Oh and our new Honda NSX!!”

  1. Die zwei passen zusammen wie die Faust aufs Auge. 😂Nie darüber nachgedacht, aber iwie ist Millie das perfekte Puzzleteil zu JP. Sehr sympathisch ihr beiden!🙌🏻👍😁

  2. Im Peterson Museum ist auch ein Screen used(er) Kitt von Knight, der ist allerdings im Besitz von den Knight Rider Historians. Cooles Video und cooler NSX


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