Is the ALL NEW 2022 Toyota bZ4x going to be BETTER than a RAV4 Prime?

The first electric SUV from Toyota is slated to arrive in 2022. This battery electric vehicle (BEV) has a 300 mile range and feature AWD. On the outside the Beyond Zero (bZ) 4x you will notice it is about the size of a RAV4 Prime, features 20in wheels, and aggressive style. On the inside you will notice a “bridge” style console center, massive infotainment screen, and unique digital gauge instrumentation. Is the ALL NEW 2022 Toyota bZ4x going to be BETTER than a RAV4 Prime?
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23 thoughts on “Is the ALL NEW 2022 Toyota bZ4x going to be BETTER than a RAV4 Prime?”

  1. Electric vehicles will be a hazardous waste problem once those batteries of theirs begin to get old. Somewhere between 5 to 10 years down the road.
    The real reason electric vehicles are being encouraged is to drop the world's dependence on middle eastern oil. Not so much the environment as most people claim.
    Natural gas or methane powered vehicles are less CO2 emitting engine alternatives to gasoline engines and their is an abundance of these two gases around the world.

  2. Τα σπαει!Νομιζω οτι για πρωτη φορα η Toyota εκανε το 'μπαμ' με αυτο το αυτοκινητο!!!Για εμενα μεχρι τωρα η Toyota υστερουσε σε εμφανιση…με αυτο το μοντελο,μου απεδειξε το αντιθετο!!!Επισης οι επιδοσεις του νομιζω οτι τα σπαει!!!!Εξαιρετικο!!!Συγχαρητηρια στην Toyota…😀👏

  3. Teslas are good. But when you spend that kind of money in a middle class income household, you need good quality control, reliability and longevity which Toyota has a far better record of than Tesla.

  4. Mr. Toyoda:
    "Carbon is our enemy, not the internal combustion engine," says Akio Toyoda
    Toyota so far has a pretty clean record about being more right than wrong.
    We'll see…

  5. Thanks for the great review!
    It’s a physically pleasing exterior.
    I often wonder who’ll actually make the chassis in the future. My guess is Toyota regardless of the brand name.
    It’s beginning to look look like appliances and consumer electronics. Same stuff inside made in one factory with some different looks and different badging on the outside.

  6. Trash. A EV that can't hit 60 mph under 6 seconds. Toyota is already late in the EV game and they don't even put much effort on their first EV.

  7. Finally starting to produce some of theses wonderful contored concept designs instead of just going with the same old blobby looking car designs. About time.

  8. Wow, the first time I ever thought an EV car looked sexy! I already loved the rav4 and once you mentioned it i knew it looked familiar! Great job on this one Toyota

  9. Well just to clarify, the manufacturing process for electric vehicles puts them at equivalent emissions to 30-40,000 miles in a combustion engine before they move off the lot. Electric is still the right move for emissions reduction though given vehicle lifetimes.

  10. people get Toyota’s that look cool but when you go in their car after a month of them owning it they have tons of dirty clothes and wrappers


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