Is Binance Smart Chain A Failure? (BNB)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was once super hyped up and rising quickly in terms of Layer 1 blockchains out there. In early 2021 it absolutely took off and got a ton of adoption as Ethereum was still congested. But since then it’s fallen quite a bit and other Layer 1s have overtaken it in terms of TVL and usage metrics. So it’s time to answer the big question: Is it Over for Binance Smart Chain? And what does this all mean for us BNB holders out there? Give this video a watch to find out!

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0:00 Why Care?
1:18 The Rise of BSC
3:07 Metacraft Shout Out!
3:51 Big Problems Arising
5:22 The Current State of BSC
6:58 My Final Verdict on BSC
7:45 Not All Bad News for BNB!

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27 thoughts on “Is Binance Smart Chain A Failure? (BNB)”

  1. Can y do something on Froyo Games? I know you do much bigger projects but this will be a fun experiment don't you think??

  2. Wouldn't BNB have an advantage simply by being an exchange token (big use case)? They don't seem to go down as much on dips as other altcoins.

    EDIT: A token from the biggest exchange in the world, by the way.

  3. Too many rugpull projects in Binance Smart Chain.. Most of the projects are just "cut and paste" projects copied from Eth.

  4. Are you Going to do another video about Ada and why twitter has over 250+ complaints of 20-49 failed transactions each user. & The withdraw is delayed for 1-3 days. lots of ppl waiting for another video. Price is also down 12 % what a Joke.


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