Installing Day time running lights on my 11th Gen 2022 Honda Civic Sport! Are they Fog Lights?

I remove the front bumper cover for the first time on my 2022 Honda Civic Sport! Update you on the bracket for the intake from last week’s video. Some out of the car intake sounds!!!! Also show you some other things I installed. All links are in the description. You know what to do if you enjoyed!

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2016-2022 Honda Civic Floor Mats:
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My Builds

2021 Honda Civic Type R

PRL Short Ram Intake:

Rear fog lights:

Opt 7 tailights: OPT7 Sequential LED Tail Light Lamps Pair Clear 16-21 for Honda Civic Hatchback with OLED

Sequential Sidemarkers Ebay: Ebay:

Unity Sidemarkers:

2022 Honda Civic Sport

Jets Vinyl:

Daytime running lights:

Ebay front lip:

Trunk Spoiler:

Roof Spoiler:

Interior center console tray:
for Honda Civic Accessories 2022…

Interior upper console tray:

Universal side skirts:

Rear fog light LED Sequential lights:

Rear Vent luevers/covers:

Aem short ram intake:

Mud flaps/Splash guards:

Rear skirt extensions:

More to come! STAY TUNED!!!!



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23 thoughts on “Installing Day time running lights on my 11th Gen 2022 Honda Civic Sport! Are they Fog Lights?”

  1. Love your videos first of all. The detailed steps and quality work is just fantastic. I have been following your build and getting ideas for my own. Love seeing your channel grow. I had one question how do you keep your car so shiny n clean all the time whats the secret to it? N if you are able post how you did the rear side skirt extension n the link to the product 🙏🏽. Again great video

  2. Miller, you should contact the air intake kit company and show them what you did, so they canske their own kit with everything included to retrofit that 10th Generation kit for the 11th Generation kit. 👍

    Those lights are nice, especially when you get the foglights in, but lots of work to take the front and rear bumpers off, but it's wow, coming down the street, especially at night. Another add on modification down the road, but I always wanted auxiliary strobe emergency lights like that for safety, and when assisting others on the road with breakdowns or accidents. Being former Five-Oh, I do stuff like that. That would be perfect. Not only cool looking, but safer.

    I wonder if the front lights, especially with the fog lights will run into any problems vehicle wise like people running super btight HID headlights deemed for off road use only in some jurisdictions. But yeah, even bright during the day.

  3. Man all these cool mods that make this car insane!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!! Love the videos man… keep being awesome.. Thanks always …

  4. Omg bro those lights are great I love those alot ,it's awesome 👌 bro keep it going. I hope they come out with back lights with sequential movement like what I have in my 10th gen manual sport .keep it coming bro watching that video put a big smile on my face .love it

  5. Love ur stuff man, been her since 200 I hope u hit a mil by the end of the year. I’m actually planning on getting a 11th gen Civic for my first car this summer

  6. Looks & sounds great! Thank you for showing us step by step how to take the bumper off, very helpful! As always, excellent videos that keep getting better. I can’t wait to see what’s next…

  7. Great videos man, excited I’m barely about to get mine, keep up the good work ! Can you do a video putting on tint for your windows?

  8. Thank you again for doing all of hard work. I hope Chris will come over and help me when I buy my Si and begin installing parts. I really like the tails but think the front is a little busy IMO. But the guards are nice and I’m coming around to the rear skirts. Are there any plans to lower?

  9. Wonderful job, and the explanation is on point ; you could be a teacher. You should have ordered morimoto LED foglights; those are awesome. Next time put painters tape around the edges of the headlights so the bumper dont scratch it coming off or going back on. I loved the video.


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