I Bought a Toyota Land Cruiser — FINALLY!


I bought a Toyota Land Cruiser!!! Today I’m going to show you my new Toyota Land Cruiser, and I’m going to explain why I bought a Toyota Land Cruiser! I’ll also take you on a thorough tour of my Land Cruiser and show you its quirks and features, and I’ll also review the driving experience of my Land Cruiser and explain what it’s like on the road.


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26 thoughts on “I Bought a Toyota Land Cruiser — FINALLY!”

  1. This 10 year old car is worth more than most new cars straight off the lot and people are really in here saying it's some "normal car" or not "fancy" lol

  2. Three and four year old Toyota 4 Runners with average miles can sell for more that new ones. Not many cars can have those bragging rights.

  3. My dad has a 2007 LX470, and from the looks of things, you'll still have to go into infotainment to change the fan speed……and maybe the vent pattern, too. These are personally my two most used climate controls, so ugh.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go see if there are hidden storage compartments in the tailgate…

  4. Seriously Doug, buy a decent 4wd air compressor and run your tyres on 12 psi when on the beach, you won't get stuck and you won't rip a bead off a tyre. Just remember to pump them up when off the beach, hence the high volume 4wd compressor. I once ran 16-18 psi on a beach and got stuck, the council inspector drove past and said "drop your tyres to 12 psi and drive out of the bog you're in" and voila!.

    Also, look at a sacrificial anode system so you can run through salt water and NEVER get rust, as the anode connected to the battery system rusts away and you change it out, meaning the car never rusts. The council guy had one on his 80 series pickup and it was like new after 20 years driving down the surf line. Seriously! Hope this helps and enjoy the 'Cruiser! Cheers from 🇦🇺 Australia

  5. We love these here in Australia. Diesel though. The premium on the last of the V8 diesels is absurd.

    I had a go in a 300 series over Christmas and have to say you guys are missing out there.

  6. Doug- douse the whole undercarriage w/ Amsoil HDMP, comes in spray cans, can have a shop do it, semi-permanent sets like a beeswax consistency & repels dirt prevents rust etc. Yamashield for the engine bay.

  7. It's pretty hilarious wen the older land cruiser owners bash the new models there no point its a Toyota it's gonna run just as reliably as the old when I had a Hummer H1 I never got 12mpg more like 5 to 8mpg


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