How To Reset Echo Dot

We teach you how to reset echo dot. If you are having issues with your echo dot, gotten a new wifi router resetting your echo for can sometimes fix the issues.

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Or if you are giving away your echo dot or moving to a new house it’s important to know how to reset your echo dot so you can clear the information you have on the device below you give it away.

There are 4 buttons on the echo dot, the + volume button, – volume button, mute button, and the action button. To reset the Echo Dot you need to press and hold the “action” button for 30+ seconds until the yellow light comes on the echo dot and it goes through its light sequence and you have confirmed that the echo dot has been reset.

once the echo dot is reset it will start back up with a blue light and announce via voice that it is ready for set up.


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  1. My echo Dot id's password and I tried that forgot password but it's saying that we have blocked your attempts to reset password could you help me with that??

    I changed my wifi password and the phone of mine which had alexa app It broke so any helps pls

  2. hello dont reset my alexa. a friend installed it at home, and I can't reset it now … I press the microphone and _ and nothing, it glows blue all the time. what should I do??


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