How Fast is the 2022 Toyota Tundra 0-60?

How fast is the new 2022 Toyota Tundra from 0-60? Let’s find out! Subscribe to follow the journey as I provide in depth coverage of the Tundra and make some modifications to enhance its overland and off-roading capabilities!
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19 thoughts on “How Fast is the 2022 Toyota Tundra 0-60?”

  1. Very big draw back is these newer tundras they do not have a transmission dip stick they call it a maintnance free trans no oil needed which is completely bogus, these transmissions will need to be serviced in due time to have oil added in them & unless person has very expensive tools to do it will have no choice then to let their mechanic do it or the dealership & as always they will over charge the consumer..

  2. The magazines do a rollout to get that time. You won't get that time without a rollout. This is what motortrend says: As does the NHRA, we subtract a "1-foot" (about 11.5 inches in reality) rollout from the launch to replicate dragstrip time measurement equipment.

  3. Dude how many miles do you have on that thing, the engine is not broken in yet and you putting it through some abuse 🤦‍♂️

  4. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I think people underestimate the 4.30 rear axle in the second GEN tundra. 2022 should be better in the mid range with the increased number of gears. But the second GEN was designed for towing and hauling over long distances. So it will always pull better than this 3.31. That’s why I get 6.6 zero to 60 times in my 2018 four-wheel-drive crewmax

  5. Turbo charge engine don't do as well on a cold weather. I own 2 twin ecoboost f150s and they kinda lag a bit.on a regular day the perform really good.


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