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I do take a look at the Tyler Winklevoss Ethereum Price Prediction and where he sees Bitcoin going over the long term. Much of the discuss revolves around the storage of value part of the equation for future prices concerning both Bitcoin and Ethereum. I believe that we are going to see a slow but steady change of using gold as a standard storage of value to Ethereum and for a smaller part, Bitcoin. How do I buy Ethereum for the long term.

The Etheruem price prediction and how much Ethereum be worth in 2025 are two things that investors want to know. I can see the Ethereum price rolling up to about 4200 or higher by year’s end. I am excited to see how high it goes by the end of December. The 5 year price of the Etheruem price could hit well above $10,000 if all goes well.

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  1. The problem with Gold and Silver is the big lie. That most ETF's hold ZERO gold/silver. They have a piece of paper that says Barclays or someone holds their gold for them, but yet no one audits it…… Essentially Gold/Silver are massively naked shorted. That is why the Spot Price of Silver and the actual Sell price is 20-25% different. — So just as Crypto is positioning itself as a part of the future financial system, Institutions are driving down the prices of Precious metals, buying physical metals in exchange for soon to be worthless Fiat…. It's linked. FIAT is going away. I would never put 100% of my assets into something that requires electricity or the internet to have value.— I keep about 25% of my assets in Physical in my hand Gold/Silver

  2. Moe thanks for your great efforts and info you share with all of us. Good work. I would like to hear your view and a video about your crypto exit strategy after this cycle please. Will you sell and how much of your bitcoin, eth, cardano during this autumn and what is your strategy there? When do you expect the market to go into bear? I intend to sell 80% of my eth/cardano latest end october or early november and then buy in once the bear market seems to be lowest. Please advise

  3. All your work is truly appreciated. I've been listening since you were a little over 50K subscribers – this is one of your better vids. I can hear the chants – Stock Moe!! Stock Moe!! Stock Moe!! Stock Moe… Thanks man

  4. Hey Moe been with you since this time last yr! And like i always tell you the MAN! In case you forgot homie! I am up over 60% yr to date with you on my stocks. And i have my mom up 33% and step dad up 31% , could be more but they leave half of there money in VOO.

  5. I’ve always believed in it, so have invested accordingly! Hi Tesla Cat, you sure love being in front of the camera these days!!!

  6. If you don't find a means of multiplying money, you Will wake up one day to realize that money you thought you had has finished. Investment is the key.

  7. Great video. My only issue with your views on gold is that it is constantly knocked down by the Fed. One day, they may want to knock up the price.

  8. Didn't all the crypto fanboys claim that "market cap doesn't matter"?
    Then, why can't Ethereum go to 100k in a matter of months?
    These kinds of returns were common in 2017, when Ethereum's market cap was low.
    Guys, you can have it both ways– you can't claim that market cap doesn't matter, and at the same time, my returns aren't what the used to be.


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