Honda – The Origin of Determination

The vehicles that Honda builds today are the culmination of everything Honda has ever done—all of our innovations and successes as well as the challenges overcome. Because in order to bring great ideas into the world, you’ve got to have the determination to make them real. The Ridgeline, CR-V, Passport TrailSport, Pilot and Civic—built by the power of dreams.

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33 thoughts on “Honda – The Origin of Determination”

  1. I thought the dirt bike in the back of the pickup was a KTM! Had to look up the video and pause it to double check. Not sure if it's the sunlight making the CRF look orange or what? Just surprised no one at Honda edited that to look right. Honda = Red, KTM = Orange

  2. Does someone know where I can find an instrumental of this exact version of this song? Or even a loosely related one. Thank you.

    Edit: For all wondering – song is libiamo ne' lieti calici

  3. I am trying to figure out if that is a Samba Green Honda delSol that is briefly in this ad. It’s one of the rarest of delSols. Thoughts? I own two, and one Honda Fit.

  4. At first when I grow up I wanted a 2022 Chrysler Pacifica and modifie it not I'm considering on getting a Honda too I guess

  5. This is probably one of my favorite commercials ever now. Really shows the legacy of one of the greatest Japanese manufacturers that gave us everything from motorcycles to boats to the Ferrari killer and planes. Honda does so much and I really like how they acknowledge their legacy as a whole through this commercial, by including classic, retro, and modern vehicles. Good job to whoever made this!

  6. Much respect to Honda making the most reliable engine in F1 this season and winning the drivers championship where all the prestige is from.

  7. I made my business based on Hondas!
    "It was just and idea till i made it real!"
    This comercial is just on point😎🔥💥
    Gave me goose bumps 😁


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