Honda-Swapped Ferrari – Closing In On the First Start

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00:00 – Intro
00:17 – We’re Closing in on Startup
000:57 – Welding Preparation
03:02 – TIG Welding a Stainless Exhaust
04:14 – I am really enjoying this!
04:44 – The Welds
05:52 – I am considering Titanium
06:52 – Finishing the Gas Filler Neck
08:05 – Finishing the Oil Plumbing
09:11 – So What’s Left? Final Checklist
11:16 – Outro


32 thoughts on “Honda-Swapped Ferrari – Closing In On the First Start”

  1. There is a type of wipe that you put around the tube that will remove the most of the coloring from welds… se have them here in Denmark 😊

  2. I dont normally comment but spend a lot of time just watching and learning, but the energy on this episode is really exciting, keep up the great work

  3. As a welder by trade, and being introduced to new and exotic metal that I've barely touched or have never touched. Don't be afraid and just try it. The more troubleshooting you have with it, the better it is to control the outcome of the weld. Stainless is by far my most loved metal, next to aluminum and steel.

  4. Bro… It's hella dangerous to be so close to exposing yourself to argon. Get the proper fixtures. Its not worth your life. I use argon for our inert gas for our powder bed machines. We have argon alarms gallore.

  5. So Nice project!!! If possible install a eletronic wastgate and a full system of fueltech to control all functions of this amazing project. Wait for the next episodes.

  6. Welds are looking good, and i really like the simple exhaust tips! But can you really run a straight pipe on track? You must have some kind of noise restrictions?

  7. You should consider a flexible bracket (rubber thingie shaped like an 8) to support the exhausts. The movement of the engine/turbo plus the weight (inertia) of the pipes will make them move/shake and soon crack.. a solid piece of roundbar on the chassis and one one the pipe + the rubber exhaust hangers will help a lot!

  8. Any of the not so pretty welds are definitely made up for by the fact you did this yourself and are gaining so much experience and skill. Proper DIY project unlike many! Well done and keep smashing it out Kermit voiced friend 🙂

  9. Looking very good. I been following this build from the beginning so it will feel very satisfying when you finally started up for the first time. This build has also kept me motivated with my own restoration project I been working on for almost 3 years.

  10. I think you’re doing an amazing job. Not just with the welding but also your vision of what a car can be. Best wishes from Australia.


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