Honda Shift Linkage Modification


UPDATE: A new version of the product has been designed and is now being produced for sale! Please see the following link –

Here is a proposed new product for the shift linkage on most Honda Civic & CRX transmissions. This piece eliminates the slop inducing and aggravating front joint where the standard pinch pin is used to hold the linkage to the transmission. Paired with a shift bushing kit (available from Cheddas Auto: see link bellow) this piece will eliminate any removable slop from your transmission’s shift linkage; while at the same time provide a much easier installation and removal process for your transmission services.

Link to Shifter Bushing Kit from Cheddas Auto:


26 thoughts on “Honda Shift Linkage Modification”

  1. that pin is easy to get out, you guys done understand. Have something "hard metal" matching the diameter of the pin and smash it out!

  2. This is great. If you haven't already been advised to do so, consult with a patent attorney, or do a good deal of the preliminary research yourself. I can only see this selling very well. Maybe not in the hundreds of millions, but it should fatten your wallet noticeably. If you had a marketable unit ready I'd definitely buy one. As it is, and as much as I like OEM parts, I just watched a video for Energy Suspension's replacement bushing product and I think that's going to find its way onto my '95 Civic really soon. Do you have a mount for the other end of the linkage to further snug the shifter? I wish you'd waited to post as part of an actual product launch. : / You suck. Ha! Ingeniously conceived. Best wishes for huge success!

  3. I checked out the Cheddas Auto link. I'm quite surprised that there isn't an offering for a package that fits 'newer' old Civics like my '95. I think these generations are immensely popular and still quite plentiful on the road. Maybe the selection has been expanded while the page hasn't been updated to reflect that. His product looks quite good, but availability is key. : /

  4. Bitch pins are really not that difficult to get out if you use the right tools and have enough space underneath the car to swing a hammer a few times. 3/8ths drop in punch used for electrical work does the trick just right. Perfect OD to push the bitch pin out. You can find those fasteners on amazon for like 5 dollara.


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