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Before the Integra became the greatest FWD car ever, that spot was occupied by another Honda, the Prelude. Designed with total road domination in mind, the Prelude changed perceptions about front wheel drive performance. Join James as he digs deep and fills you in on Honda’s forgotten sport coupe.

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39 thoughts on “HONDA PRELUDE – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed”

  1. my mom had a 1983 prelude… i don't remember it i was probably 2 when she sold it at the end of the 80s… got a Honda accord that I do remember..

  2. As a 1G 1981 Prelude owner, I can tell you they’re far from bad, they were just meant to be the most luxurious Honda they offered at the time, with innovative technology and sportier feeling than their other models
    Hence why it has a shorter wheelbase while being larger than the Accord of the time, it also was the first car of its class to offer from factory, from the lowest trim level an electric sunroof (which turned in 1980 to a moonroof that was tinted), also had a digital clock, 2 barrel carbs (3 with CVCC) and wonderful bucket seats (yes, that’s what they say in the brochures of the time)
    And trust me, seating in this car feels really nice, the mats are super soft, the seats feel like sofas and you’re so low to the grow in this car (for comparison, I have an EK Hatch and I noticed I was higher up in my 96 Civic than in my 81 Prelude !)

    I truly love this car, it’s not the fastest, not the most powerful, but it has character, is rare and unique and my passion for it just keeps increasing each time I set my eyes on it

  3. You must understand the main guy named within this video left and Acrura started the designing decisions.
    So it wasn't based on Honda rather the designer/engineer leaving Honda 🤔

  4. If it comes back I won't buy one unless it has a naturally aspirated engine. There was nothing wrong with the H series but they could be destroyed by people using excessive throttle with not enough engine rotation. They were designed to operate between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm.

  5. 3rd Gen was BY A MILE the best Lude ever…gen4 was the best looking model. I love the Lude, but the gen5 destroyed this car. Too heavy, pathetic performance…really nothing special in Gen5

  6. I had a bb6 SH and I absolutely loved it. I miss tf out of it. Heavy as fuck though. Plus slow but it was fun and good looking car

  7. Found a '94 prelude to buy, hopefully I can get it as I've been looking for 2 months for a car that I liked since my '11 impreza got crashed into. Can't friggin wait!!

  8. Bahaha during the pepboys commercial, James's ( who i think might be James) dad looks like he crapped his diaper when theyre walking down the isle..made my day.

  9. Loved my 4th and 5th gen. Which one was better 🤔. Styling and dash in 4th gen was epic. The engine in 5th was superb. Difficult to choose.

  10. The 3G prelude is my first project car. I love the damn thing but for everything I wanna do, I’m looking at some several bands 😵‍💫

  11. Oh man do I miss my ' 89 Si!!!! The AWS was really slick!!! Sadly I fell asleep driving at 19, flipped it several times and wrapped it around a tree. Breaking my back in 6 places and left in a chair the rest of my life. But I still miss that car more than anything I ever owned!!

  12. Owned a ‘79, it may not be regarded as a good car but it was one of the most fun to drive. Now my daughter has a ‘97. Love all the ‘ludes

  13. Had 3 94s wrecked 2 3rd was stolen been wanting another since 2010 but they are all either ragged out or 300k shit boxes for 6k

  14. I had a 1989 prelude SI with four wheel steering. It understeered worse than my CRX and worse than any other car I've ever owned. You are misinformed my friend.


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