Honda nc700x Review, Fuel Test, MPG, Range, DCT, dual clutch transmission.

Honda nc700x Fuel test, MPG, Range, DCT dual clutch transmission. Honda nc700x with Dual Clutch Transmission gives a great mileage of 73 MPG and a range of 273 miles. Riding 1000 km on 32 Liters of fuel, with a load of 150kg driver included. The sensational fuel economy 3,2 L/100km provides a total range of 440km.

Honda nc700x Review DCT, Owners review 6000km 1 year.

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29 thoughts on “Honda nc700x Review, Fuel Test, MPG, Range, DCT, dual clutch transmission.”

  1. Excellent video, short and to the point. Videos like this are really pushing me in the direction of buying a NC700X DCT. The first time I sat on one was at the motorcycle show in NYC when it was introduced to the USA. I hope Honda decides to give this bike time to gain market share here in the US. At least one dealer here in Vermont still has 2012 X-DCT model in stock. 

  2. Just averaged 75.86 mpg on my last tank of gas. Going to try and get close to 80 mpg on the current tank. Good videos.

  3. Motorcycleaccident, skull broken, 9 braindamages, ribs through lungs, a whole serie of other broken bones like neck, 3 months coma, right side lame, so, 1 year in a wheelchair. Got a drivers license for automatic driving with a maximum of 35 KW, so, bought me a Honda NC700X DCT ABS. Back on the road. It's not exactly a "rockerbike", but it is a fantastic motorcycle with a great fuel economy indeed. For once I have a bike who drinks even less than me.

  4. Hello I am looking at purchasing this bike I saw the specs online for the bike but still am curious about the seat height, approximately how tall are you? And would you recommend this bike for someone who is a bit on the shorter side (5'6")?

  5. I have just bought my NC 700 and awaiting delivery from US. After watching your reviews sir I'm getting more and more exciting about this bike. Thank you very much for your very comprehensive reviews of this motorcycle. Enjoy your ride!

  6. Hi.. Nice video.. How do you like the bike so far? Me and my friend shopping for an adventure/commuting motorcycle. This one seems to be a better choice.. We came across one 700nc fully loaded for <$6000 with extra wide wind screen and paniers / Gps  ..


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