Honda HR-V 2021 UK Review: A small, hybrid-only SUV

This is the all-new Honda HR-V, and although the HR-V name has been around since 1999, a lengthy hiatus in the car’s existence means that this is only the third generation of Honda’s smallest SUV.

Being a small SUV, the new car has no shortage of very popular rivals. The Nissan Qashqai, Seat Ateca, VW T-Roc, Ford Puma, Skoda Karoq and Hyundai Kona could all be counted as competitors, along with many, many others, but arguably, the Honda’s closest rival takes the form of the Toyota C-HR. Why? Because like that car, the HR-V comes exclusively as a self-charging hybrid, combining a 1.5-litre petrol engine with two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery to deliver around 130bhp and around 52mpg. And in this CarGurus UK video review, Deputy Editor Ivan Aistrop finds out how Honda’s latest baby SUV stacks up against its rivals.

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0:00 – Introduction to the Honda HR-V
01:10 – Subscribe to CarGurus
01:23 – Styling
01:52 – Practicality
02:36 – The Honda HR-V has a surprise
02:58 – Space in the rear seats
03:37 – In the driver’s seat
04:34 – Infotainment system
05:02 – What is it like to drive?
07:31 – Final thoughts
08:18 – Let us know what you think

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46 thoughts on “Honda HR-V 2021 UK Review: A small, hybrid-only SUV”

  1. The previous HR-V looked good and had good luggage space. The engine and transmission were terrible- slow, noisy, lots of vibration. The Ford C-max had a decent 0 to 60 time and was better to drive, too bad people linked it to the horrible transmission for the regular gasoline version.

  2. I have had three Hondas, including one currently, but I agree, refinement is a big issue, and I'll be looking elsewhere, next, I'm afraid.

  3. I ordered mine on the13th August, even before the configurator became available.
    It is amazing that none of the reviewers I have seen know anything about the e:HEV drive train. Not once did he mention the fact that it has a 'lock-up clutch' that connects the wheels to the electric motors when in need of maximum ooomph!
    Neither have any reviewers mentioned the 4 levels of regen via the steering wheel mounted paddles. A fairly important fact I would have thought on an HEV.
    What does worry me slightly, coming from a 1.5 DSG turbo Karoq, is the pick up speed, which reviewers have all said is poor.
    I shall reserve judgement until I have had a test drive. But I have a slightly uneasy feeling that I may be asking for my £500 deposit back, if it is gutless, although a Japanese YT video has shown through the acceleration speeds between mid ranges, which didn't look too bad. We shall see!!

  4. I drove it back in July but the cost of everything pushed me away – a tad too much for me (they were available from April where I live) great drive and car.
    Edit: motorways are too expensive and rare here so I use them once a year. So..

  5. I'd love to be able to see 40 years into the future to see if middle aged men are waxing lyrical about cars like this as they do today about the cars they grew up with.
    It's hard to believe that they would, as all these SUVs are so similar and functional I struggle to see anyone forming a 'personal attachment' to one…or am I being harsh?🤔

  6. No UK cooking Honda since the ep3 has been even remotely interesting enough to look at. Shame, cos then out of the blue comes storming Type R's. Surely they could have added some of the spice and genius further down the line up. Cos all (most anyway) Ford's are fun and eager to please. This just continues Honda's dullness and they wonder why sales here are rubbish.

  7. The concerning thing is that this hybrid HRV has nearly the same fuel consumption as a regular crossover like Nissan Juke 1.0, therefore there's no point for paying premium for no mpg gains.

  8. Like many of these Japanese hybrids that come with CVT gearboxes, I rule them out straight away. Great on a Honda PCX scooter, not so great on a £30k SUV.

  9. I wont be swapping my 2019 CRV just yet after watching this I was expecting better, looks like my 19th Honda car wont be a Honda which is sad as I am a Honda devotee. Honda need to do better quality just gets worse , Honda seem to think that bigger with more tech means better these days when the opposite is the reality. KIA and Hyundai is looking more tempting by the year with me andthey are less expensive with longer warranties.

  10. I don't like these kind of reviews. It's like, grantees, it's subjective, but the presenter gets absurdly too nit-picking. No car is perfect and I think there are better ways to show the pros and cons, rather than just running a parade of "very good, BUT…". Also, what are the better alternatives? I'm pretty sure those are filled with flaws too.

  11. I saw a press car at Honda a few weeks ago. Nice, but has too many weaknesses. So I brought Mazda cx30 instead.
    No one noticed that there is no storage space at the rear doors! What a bloody stupid design mistake by Honda for a family car.

  12. Honda makes one of the worst hybrids in the industry. They need to scrap that system and go back to the drawing board or better yet, just copy Toyota.

  13. Sounds like the new HR-V is a bit of a dud. With the Honda E failing to sell, due to it's pathetic range, that's 2 in a row. Oh dear.

  14. If I was planning on changing my petrol car now, I'll probably be looking at hybrids and possibly full EVs.
    The issue with EVs has mainly been the high purchase costs. Now the all electric Ora Cat is being launched in the UK at a fairly reasonable price, it questions the logic in buying a more expensive hybrid, like the HRV.

  15. I've owned a HR-V for almost 5 years and was eagerly anticipating upgrading to this latest one. But, Honda have lost me. That raised seat in the middle is a joke and makes it unusable as a seat. While the rear vents are a nice addition, the 'magic seats' aren't a selling point any longer as in my time owning one, i've used this feature once.

  16. Thanks for the review – why not actually MENTION those competitors? And just WHY are they better? Now I have to look thru how many other reviews to find out?

  17. They shouldn't have done the hatchback look. A tribute to the original would've looked better and would've been more practical.

  18. You say that there are better alternatives… Please tell me what other small SUV that are self sharing hybrids are better than this one.

  19. Having read the reviews and listened to the car reviewer, I can honestly say what a load of bollocks.
    This car is lovely to drive, acceleration due to electric motors from a start is instant.
    It is lovely to drive on the motorway.
    I agree that when you put your foot down it is quite loud but once you find your speed , say 70mph it’s comfortable, not noisy in any way whatsoever.
    It has all the toys most drivers would ever want and is really attractive especially in the sunlight white pearlescent with black roof.
    So many people have stopped me and asked about it with interest.


  20. idk when is this hybrid model coming to the US, 2021 model is essentially the same as the 2020 model, nothing changed, hopefully we can see it in 2022

  21. I like this but wish Honda would sort their NVH out. I ‘think’ it’s because Japan has mirror-smooth well-maintained roads, so the basic development is done there, leaving minimal room for tuning for crappy UK roads. Even so, more sound-deadening Honda !

  22. I’ve been watching most the English speaking reviews on this new Honda HRV as a retired master motor mechanic and selling cars for over 40 years and worked and driven on most car brands over the years and owned many different types of cars. I have the pleasure to test drive this new Honda HRV Hybrid and found it to be fantastic for the price bracket. Yes under very hard acceleration the engine note is high but ask yourself were is this vehicle going to driven and by whom, mostly parents to go shopping, picking up the kids from school,sport and general urban driving so will very rarely be under excessive hard driving. Another thing to mention which was not was the fantastic Honda reliable and resale valve all Honda have. The driver safety featured are amazing and most standard on all models. For the average family of two adults and two kids this is a great vehicles fully recommend it. Cheers Paul

  23. Ohhh noooo yet another suv to go on the school run n shopping trip these bloody things are way too big and expensive for the UK what's up with normal size cars be that ice or ev


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