Honda Hness CB350 Gets Snazzier | Honda Hness CB350 Anniversary Edition Launched At IBW 2021

Alongside the CB300R BS6, Honda has also launched the Hness CB350 Anniversary Edition at IBW 2021. The bike has received quite a few cosmetic upgrades over the standard model and now looks even more appealing.

It’s powered by the same air-cooled 348cc single-cylinder motor and belts out 21PS and 30Nm. Even the features list and underpinnings remain unaltered as compared to the standard model.

Check more about Honda Hness CB350:

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39 thoughts on “Honda Hness CB350 Gets Snazzier | Honda Hness CB350 Anniversary Edition Launched At IBW 2021”

  1. to all those calling honda cb350
    a modified/big splendour/cd 100
    this cb350 design is from 1970s cb350
    and splendour design is also from old honda cb series(60,70s)
    (world's First Superbike 1968 cb750)
    actually spendour is the little cb 😂

  2. I'm glad to see the chrome fenders disappear. "If it don't go, chrome it" was a
    common phrase way back when. Good move, HONDA! Let's hear it again.

  3. Mai RE and highness me itna confuse hua ki apache 160 4v le liya 😀😀… Apache is also good… I liked the ABS feature most…

  4. 👎👎👎 Thumbs down to Honda why they decided to copy RE classic every piece and bits just to get market share on retro bikes category. They should design their own style of retro.

  5. Maybe a personal preference but the chrome fenders actually look better on this motorcycle. Adding to the retro charm. It's the standard one for me.

  6. अरे हौंडा स्टिकर कलर के अलावा फेंडर एक्सटेंडर, सर्विस एट नॉर्मल शोरूम पर भी ध्यान दो —- फ्रॉम परेशान मालिक

  7. Not worth reviewing. Rs 2000 extra for some cosmetic changes.. infact they should have done a complete make over with adding more power to the engine along with upgradation in current quality issues with parts / rusting etc. In fact no extra charges should be levied for anniversary edition and should be offered as a gratitude

    The product is worth just under 2 lakh ..

  8. 😀Nice one. On my channel – I've just uploaded my ownership review and modification of the RS. I hope the bikes holding up well for you. Happy safe riding!

  9. Anniversary edition? Better honda resolve the mud throwing problem for all customers.. As its an 2.40 lakh priced motorcycle


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