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  1. Gosh as a trans man with homophobic and transphobic parents these tiktoks give me hope for the future. I cant wear shorts and my hair isnt as short as I want it to be due to my parents. They always call me homophobic slurs because I've tried coming out to them once and I hinted but I gave up. I really want to come out, it's like I feel clogged but I cant do nothing about it because I know my parents will kick me out etc etc so yeah not that anybody asked but these tiktoks make me feel better about myself.

  2. I’m like 100% sure no one will see this (but i talk a lot) and this comment section actually seems so nice, (excuse my grammar i am sleep deprived)

    Reading other ftm comments makes we realise how fuckung odd my situation is

    Im ftm, and i’ve known since i was 10 (i am 16 now), but i always had incredibly hard and crippling dysphoria from about age 4 and from 11 it was so hard to deal with to the point of being unable to go outside or shower ect
    I can go on about what its like but icba and i don’t want to get graphic

    My childhood was weird for this and many other issues but i’ll keep to topic

    Unlike lots of other people i have constantly been trying to come out for 6 years

    6 years

    And no one listened and took me seriously

    6 years
    (Yes i’m dramatic)

    But i have come out to my mum 17 times
    (I counted)

    I can’t even start anything. Transition, medication, home life ect
    Its like a stalemate where I’m constantly made to doubt myself over and over in some sort of timeloop.

    Im also know as smart, emotionally mature, a* student, primed for cambride, oxford schools as such
    And despite that none of that matter my parents don’t give a shit

    Healthcare for trans ppl in the uk is a literal mess. Its really bad. Like bad.
    Despite years of therapy and consistency of feeling my mum still thinks i am wrong.

    Situation such as the JK rowling one made it much worse as well (with my mum that is)
    It hurts more because i get on with my family and it’s mostly all i have as i don’t have many friends.
    For recognition and to be taken seriously i have to act a part to my mum all the time as otherwise i’m seen as dramatic or insane, incapable of making decisions, and the acting gets tough as i know i have to seem perfect constantly.

    And its more upsetting because my mum tries to use they/them as a sort of midway. But after six years you can see how that’s sort if perhaps a kick in the teeth, like what, not even the bare minimum.

    I really love and want to get on with my parents but it’s getting frustrating and being delayed in transitioning for so long because i put my family first really fucked up my childhood. Not that it wasn’t already due to clinic mental illness and dissociation But yk

    Now i’m going ahead anyway socially, its not a big deal as i’ve passed since forever. But not being taken seriously is such a normal teenage thing but for something to be so consistent yet still dismissed is weird
    I’m sure lots of others have this experience but i never see it to this degree
    6 years is a long time. And only now i see how fucked it kind of is.

    Again i doubt this will be seen but i’m angry and sad so i’m going to write a fuck tonne anyway and then delete it ten mins later bye ✌️🥱

  3. If you are someone who is afraid of getting hormones and stuff because you're in your 20s or 30s, then please remember that it's never too late. There's even people who got it at their 40s! <3 if it's what you want then do it!

  4. You are Such a Beautiful 😍 Person and

    an Incredibly Amazing Human!!! I am So

    Happy that You are Alive and Exist!!!

    Way to Be A Walking SuperHero 🦸‍♀️

  5. 3:14 am i the only one confused as to what he meant? his chest looked fine, i don’t know what he’s talking about lmao someone help

  6. I got to the end of Oliver's video and I almost started crying – sometimes I wonder if I actually want to physically transition, aside from top surgery. I mean, I like the idea of looking more masculine, but would I be okay with what that entails? But when I heard him talk with his new voice – I realized just how much I want that. So thank you for helping me see that.

  7. i’m in an unsafe environment for being lgbt+ and i don’t plan on coming out soon, but i love having a safe space online. if no one supports you when you come out, i will.

  8. I don't know if I want to be a man. In my mind I have a dream body that I would love to have but o the other hand I know that I will never look like that. I am scared that I will hate myself more then I hate myself now…

  9. So I came out to my dad as trans (ftm) and he was like “yeah I’ll do anything to support you blah blah blah” but refuses to let me express identify in school like he won’t let me just change stuff in school but says he’s supportive so now in school I just introduce myself as my preferred name and he/him and I’m pretty stealth besides gym class cause I’m in girls gym but The people in that class are pretty chill I feel like people actually supporting me and me not being insecure makes him mad but like whatever

  10. this might be a long comment, i just need to get it out.

    years ago, i came out as a trans ftm to my family. at first, it was to my older sister, and she eventually outed me to my parents bc supporting me "was a burden to her".
    my parents didn't take it well, and i eventually went back into the closet for my own mental health and safety.

    years later, i came out to my sisters again and they told me to get therapy for my BDD (which is separate). but they said, if i get therapy and still think i'm a male, they'll support me 100% and call me their brother. it made me cry.

    my dad ended up bringing it up to me, idk why, but i couldn't get myself to tell him the total truth. and he could tell i was holding info back.
    anyway, i'm 21, and still not living the life i should be. maybe I'll live in this wrong body forever, and die in this body. i'm so miserable and exhausted, i'm tired of being here

  11. When your trying to figure out if your trans or not and then you start thinking about in then future, if you are trans, will anyone love you

  12. i told my parants im trans a week ago and she told me if its a fase i will accept and if its not then we will see when that happens but for now you have to wait until you 22 to transition completly like maim i cant be disphoric for 8 years of my life but ok ill wait i am a boy and always will be plz reply to this in three years and i will still tell you im trans lets see

  13. idk if this is just me but all the transitioning tick tocks i watch, at the end i always clap for that person and say "im proud of you! you did it!" idk..it just makes me feel better about being trans

  14. I don't know if I'm Trans but I feel dysphoric about my chest but I'm fine with being called female but I also wouldn't mind being a man. WHY DOES GENDER HAVE TO BE SO HARD?! I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM…

  15. Dear whoever's reading this,
    Hi, I'm a trans guy who is really closeted. My peers know about my gender but my parents don't. I have tried to talk to my parents. They have dismissed it multiple times. My mom says she'll love and support me then she turns around and proclaims that I can't be a boy because I'm to feminine. All she ever wanted was two girls. I'm scared to ruin that but I get depressed looking the mirror. I hate my hair and hips. My friends don't fully understand what I'm going through. I don't expect them to, they are cis. But I'm getting so fucking tried of the same TERF dipshit. I don't know what to do. I'm sorry about how saddening this is, I really don't have anywhere else to put this. As for you who are going through the same things as me, Ignore the conflict. Do what you love. This tip is literally keeping my sanity intact.
    Thanks for reading,

  16. I’m just gonna vent quickly

    I told my mum I was trans back in February and we’ll it didn’t go well, she completely denied it and doesn’t even ask me how I feel and we’ll my dad just calls it all trash and a phase, they say I never showed sighs when I was a kid even though I was a very big “tomboy” as a kid and was very curious about transgender people, I just found them fascinating and that probably was a sigh, back in primary school i didn’t give a shit about gender I just wanted to live my life how I want to and I still do but when my chest started developing at age 10 I started feeling less comfortable, wore sports bras and liked how it made me “flat” I also used to play as males quite often because “I could” I have come out to some of my friends and old ones, I told my primary Best friend and she is very supportive of me which makes me so happy, I am quite young being only 13 but I wish I could look like a male soon as I don’t right now 🙂
    I’m Nicholas and I’m trans🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

  17. I’m legit wondering am I still valid as trans when my transition goals aren’t as extensive I basically am planning on still having a somewhat feminine figure and I’m also pretty feminine as well

  18. i tried so hard for years to be like other girls and make myself feminine because it hurted so much when it felt like there was something different between me and girls. Wathever i would try to do to be like them, i would still not feel complete or valuable as a girl. I had the same clothes, the same hair, i acted the same way, i convinced myself i liked boys, but it still felt like i would never be real, i was faking it like an imposter. It was like if i was really far away from them you know ? it was terrible

    And now because of that nobody takes me seriously and they think i'm just acting or that i try to be "trendy".
    I tried so hard to be someone else now people won't let me be the real me …

  19. I just came out as trans, my mom is being more supportive now but back then it wasnt like that. She would say things like “But you always dress feminine!” “You just wanna be different” “just dress masculine u dont have to identify as a boy.” But EVERYTIME I TRIED TO DRESS MASCULINE SHE WOULD MAKE ME FEEL UGLY!

    She understands now and she got me a binder and I’m starting Testosterone. She told my step dad who is VERYY supportive. I told my dad and step mom and they near kicked me out. But its okay!


  20. ok hi there uh this is a vent I guess but I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice..

    So I tried coming out to my mom as trans (ftm) and she denied it, I was going to tell my father as well but he has anger issues and is not hardly as accepting as my mom (i thought). So i dont know what to do, I've talked to my family doctors aswell therapists and tried to come out to my parents on multiple occasions by myself and with therapists but brutally failed each time. My parents responded with "you were always so girly like a hyper pop princess and you will always be my sweet little girl" They have even bought me notebooks and such with my dead names initial in Hope's I'll change my mind. I have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and overdosed ending me up in the hospital but my parents are still not accepting.

    To get to my point I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to feel less dysphoric (keep in mind I cant buy anything or go anywhere without my parents). I honestly dont know what to do anymore.


  21. the thing is i wanna look like a guy but i still love my female features so it’s hard like i wanna have short hair and wanna be tall but i also like long hair and makeup and other stuff.. and i dont really know and my mom always says your girly so im pretty sure yur a girl but idk.. help please-

  22. Ive been struggling recently being trans and i constantly invalidate myself cause I struggle with internalized transphobia but watching these helps me feel like im not alone 🙂


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