Friday Night Plans – HONDA (Prod.Dr.Pay)

Friday Night Plans 9th SG “HONDA” (2019.12.6 OUT) ―Honda “VEZEL” CM song― ★ “HONDA”’Available Now (each distribution information)


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[Video Credits]Cast: Masumi (Friday Night Plans) HIMI (ASILIS) Saiyon (ACTIVA MODEL AGENCY) Director: Shotaro Nishioka (PERIMETRON) Production Manager: Matias Maehama Cinematographer: Koya Yokoyama 2nd Camera Assistant: Tokiya Nakane Photographer: Ryosuke Sato Grips: Takuya Watanabe (Tokkys) Tokiya Nakane (Tokkys) Lighting Designer: Michito Hokari Lighting Chief Assistant: Ninja Lighting Assistants: Aomi Anazawa Stylist: Shun Kudo Hair Stylist: Mahito Car Interior Desinger: Surfline1979

[Audio Credits]
Music : Dr.Pay
Lyrics & Vocal : Friday Night Plans
Guitar : YUMA HARA
Bass : Tomoya Tamaru
Mix Engineer:Yu Sasaki
Mastering Engineer:Tamotsu Suwanai (Wax Alchemy)

★Friday Night Plans 2nd EP “Complex” is now available!
  ※including 2 singles
   「All The Dots」

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34 thoughts on “Friday Night Plans – HONDA (Prod.Dr.Pay)”

  1. 「HONDA」
    Lyrics:Friday Night Plans

    Music:Dr.Pay,Friday Night Plans


    Hey Time to kick back

    今週は It was a little hard yeah



    Something stuck in your head

    I'll take you anywhere

    Blow your worries away

    So take my hand


    Don't you dream again?

    You gonna like it



    Everything's gonna be fine

    Go to see the world

    Just follow my lead


    Oh I won't let you down

    Always be by your side

    We are one

    We are young

    We're on our way


    Baby Listen to your heart

    Something is changin' in us

    どんな足取りでも Keep Going


    進みながらWe will find it

    I want you to come with me


    So far So cool We good

    So fun No rule We do

    Keep riding to this song, rhythm


    So far So cool We good


    Me and You can be the light for us


    Already know


    I wanna spend time with you

    That's all I need yeah


    Oh please kill me softly

    I adore it baby


    I wasn't ready but I had to

    I told myself not to

    I know I blew it


    You said you don't leave me

    What was that?


    Brakes doesn't work

    I can't fix it

    Who cares and I don't care


    Throw my key away on the road

    Yeah I'ma tell you another story

    You set fires to my other side

    other side other side other side

    other side other side other side

    other side other side other side

    other side other side other side

  2. Friday Night Plans好きなら、D.A.NとThe fin.はやっぱりちゃんと聞ける。最近のおすすめの新バンドはTokimeki RecordsとJADHU。好き!

  3. ホムンクルスでFNPにたどり着きました。まさかHONDAのcm担当したアーティストだったとは……石流れるわ……


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