Flashing Warning For Bitcoin & Cardano…How To Prepare NOW!

Bitcoin, Cardano, and altcoin markets have fallen. But there is a very valuable lesson to learn when it comes to surviving these volatile crypto crashes. It is the same lesson to learn when enjoying the altcoin gains…we need get used to it. Especially as traditional markets seem as though there may be continued downside and volatility, we need to have a plan without emotion for BTC, ADA, and altcoins.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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48 thoughts on “Flashing Warning For Bitcoin & Cardano…How To Prepare NOW!”

  1. If, SS release was before that last little run last week, i would have dumped it all
    BTW how did you go ? pick up some tasty pre release sundaes at .20?

  2. I feel sorry for all you guys that believe on ada let's be realistic this coin its never going to make rich cardano its a 100 % waste of time and money

  3. It only hurts if your are greedy and not exited when you have some gains if the market corrects then you have the opportunity to buy the same assets cheaper. Simple enjoy crypto learn the game and you will be happy playing it.😂

  4. Diamond Hands. There is no other option for me. I don’t care how low it goes I will never own less tokens. When the market is down, I’m elsewhere.

  5. Come on Dan all of a sudden now there’s a price prediction of $.50 that you would now suddenly expect! Really you’re now not surprised about that now when one week ago you said I was going way up and now all the sudden it changes?!

  6. I agree, I just made a video a few hours ago and I said BTC could hit 20k if it breaks 30k and sets a new low. But this is just a great chance for us to build our positions up. Great video CVV!!

  7. Solid advice! Thank you! I got into crypto March 2021 and have built a portfolio from big cap to high risk and love it! Overall, my portfolio in in the red BUT I have learned so much over the year and feel very prepared moving forward.

  8. If Cardano falls to 0.50c I am going all in! I will sell the wife, the kids, the house… Not the car! I am not selling the car 😉

  9. Translation : get used. We use you. We are used in the red because we take profits in green and lie to you just before red.
    He is laughing so he is happy with his profits.
    Ps: not your financial advisor or critic.

  10. I've been in since June accumulating now down £2k as I don't trade – so pretty pissed!
    Your comments re that this is a common occurrence – I don't think so – i think this is much more than a normal drop – this is all to do with the added manipulation of the banks and governments who don't want crypto as they want to preserve their $ monopoly

  11. Looks like I’m broke till next bill run. I’m just gonna suck it up accept reality, Tell my girl the party’s over and keep buying cardano. Ramen and not heat for two years

  12. All I know is in 2020 I started with 25k in the market. Now, I never have to work again and my brokerage accounts are still up 800%. I’m not stressing on any of this and simply loading everything I can at $1.07 and better.

  13. Do you actually realize how long you've been talking about the possible rise of cardano, which, by the way, won't happen. I see that you’ve done this with Litecoin in the past, since that failed you have chosen a new toy to keep people busy. it must be exhausting to have to straighten out your shit over and over again and keep pretending you're an expert. These ignorant narcissistic personalities are a disgusting trend on youtube.

  14. A prophet knows what's coming. It's called the mark of the beast and it's already here. Don't take the jab and don't bow to tyrants. the new world order is getting ready to attach a digital currency to your vaccinated status. Don't ever say you weren't warned, whoever reads this. If you took the "vaccine" you surrendered your soul to the beast. Your only option now is to repent and pray your soul is still redeemable.


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