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27 thoughts on “FANTOM!! This is SIMPLY INSANE [$FTM]”

  1. I think so many people are taking profits out of the general crypto trading platforms and now staking it on Fantom for yield farming with way less risk until the fed figures this out then some of the staking on ftm might leave but I believe this thing is on the verge of exploding and taking a huge amount of shut down solonas market since a ton of people are getting liquidated due to solona shutting down for 24 hrs at a time and not being able to pay off loans ! Great video !

  2. I hope BTC is in capitulation mode for the next little bit and drops to maybe 23-24K before climbing the stairs again to ATH’s. Alt Gems like FTM will be kicking asses and taking names.

  3. Ha I commented before the video was 1 minute in and you said exactly what I commented 🤣 great minds think a like you're exactly spot on !!! 💯

  4. I have been in crypto for years and I have watched all the YouTubers out there. You are the only one that I watch these days. It was pretty funny watching the BitBoyBandit for year and watching him make millions and millions pumping and dumping. You are definitely the most honest YouTuber in my opinion. No Bull just good analysis. Funny thing is, my two biggest plays are FTM and COTI which are the two projects that you cover the most. Well done mate, this is my first ever comment on YouTube in years. You deserve so many more Subscribers. Keep it up, you are the only one worth watching.


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