FANTOM!! This could make me flip BEARISH! [$FTM]

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22 thoughts on “FANTOM!! This could make me flip BEARISH! [$FTM]”

  1. Thanks Ijaz!

    We're good fellas… I always assume that whenever something spikes real hard, you're gonna lose 50% of it once it settles down. In fact, my first full year in crypto has taught me a few things…
    A- I am not good at trading
    B- Crypto is very very volatile. You have to stay calm.
    C- Don't hold a lot of coins that you like. Hold a handful of coins that you "love" so you don't get spooked out of your positions.
    D- Don't chase money. Ever.

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  3. Its at 2.50$. You think it could come down to 2.30$ and pump to new ath 4-4.65$ or is it done so bearmarket? Or maybe even to 2.10-2.20$?

  4. Money needs to come in strong! Lots of it. Nothing till then! It will come, but the question, is when? Hmm 🤔
    FTM is an amazing project! Selling now would be a big big mistake! By the dips. Dollar cost avg. 🙂
    Thanks for another amazing video and for taking time out of your obviously, busy day!!!! 💪

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  6. What did you expect after the pump? All dumped and ftm was rising… it’s quite obxious that retracement would come…


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