Fantom FTM Reaper Farm $TOMB $TSHARE Staking 10000% APY

This has the potential to be revolutionary. Long may it last.
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00:00 Introduction
00:43 What is $TOMB token
02:07 Bridge money to Fantom network
03:22 Reaper Farm Overview
04:37 TOMB-FTM Liquidity pool overview
06:25 Buy some $TOMB
07:23 Buy TOMB-FTM Liquidity Pool LP Token
09:27 Stake TOMB-FTM LP
11:27 Problems with deposit

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50 thoughts on “Fantom FTM Reaper Farm $TOMB $TSHARE Staking 10000% APY”

  1. Hey lucas, thank you very much for the video mate. Could you please do a video explaining how to migrate the profit into the FTM TSHARE, pls?

  2. I have my FTM in my Binance wallet, how do I stake it through Metamask or what should I do? Please I await your response soon. Thanks

  3. Great vid Lucas – I'm having an issue that I see some other are too… Following the instructions, I get to spooky swap and it says "Insufficient tomb balance". I cannot even do as little as 1 FTM because as soon as I enter a number (even 0.1) it says Insufficient tomb. Probably something obvious I'm missing… Can you help?

  4. HOW DO YOU GET THE 10000% when you press more info it shows that it is just the weekly rate x52 I dont get it how do you get 10000%

  5. How do i take profits? By the Way – Fantastic Video! Seems to good to be true ๐Ÿ˜Š
    just one question: assuming i put some fantom tokens in the liquidity pool, it will be transformed in lp tokens (consisting of Fantom/Tshares for example) – how do i get my fantom back – clearly i need to unstake/withdraw the lp tokens but what do i have to do next? Thx ๐Ÿ™ for your help

  6. I think the next to go could be harmony not ftm,but this is just my feelings. Moreover grow at avalanche is not finished yet. Just wait for boofi and benqi liquid staking, it will be something new.

  7. Great Video Lucas !!
    i reached all the way to Liquidity screen and it says insufficient FTM balance whereas I have 5 FTMs left in my Wallet and around 30 Tombs after i did the swap. the Supply button is not enabling ..plz help ๐Ÿ™

  8. good video, i transferred FTM to metamask, but when i change the network from main network to fantom opera the FTM isn't showing? i tried swaps, but it says there are no funds while there are on the main network.

  9. i think i got hacked i cant find my lp on reaper farm is there any way I can find out my transcation history i had it connected to my metamask

  10. Was looking for something like this, thanks for the video – i followed your steps and i am bit lost at Tshare, i got my LP under FTM TOMB now how do i move it to FTM -Tshare… TIA

  11. how to transfer to autocompounding in to reaper finance.i already bought ftm tomb and keep ftm tomb in cementery which gives t share . please suggest me how to remove liquidity and withdraw already deposited ftm tomb

  12. When you withdraw you get LP tokens that you can then switch to tomb and ftm? Also why is it only 0.6 % per day and 1000% yield per year? It should be at least 2.5% per day if its 1000% per year.

  13. Hi Lucas, great video and I'm almost there I think… I ran into an issue that I hope you or someone can help with. I have FTM already in another wallet so I transferred it into my newly created MetaMask account. It would appear however that I can only see the funds in the Ethereum Mainnet and when I switch to the Fantom Opera network, I no longer see my FTM in the account so I can't continue in the steps you've shown. Is there a way to transfer the FTM over to the correct network?

  14. Hi i did the same process but it's still showing 0.00 in the TSHARE box !! I
    don't know what i am missing plzzz i need some help !!!!

  15. Love the video!its very clear and informative. Thank you! I just face one issue at the end of the epoch i cannot claim the t share reward.what am i doin wrong? Thanks!!

  16. Can you not use the Tshares earned by your FTM/Tomb LP token staking and put those Tshares into a single staking to earn more Tomb?

  17. Have you had any more issues with the deposit not going through? I cannot get any more tokens deposited on reaper. Keep getting an unknown error.

  18. Maybe I will look kinda lame but my question, can you unmix/separate FTM-TOMB Lp if I chose to withdraw it? and How do you split this pair? Am I right assuming it will also happen on spookyswap under liquidity tab?

  19. Great video. I got my FTM-TOMB Crypt all set up. Do you manually have to move your TSHARE generated into your FTM-TSHARE crypt? Or does it move over automatically?

  20. good video, but now tomb is listed as being 0.9523 ftm…. I thought it was pegged to ftm, therefore would not go lower than ftm, what is happening?

  21. can you also do a video on withdrawing? i see there's an option to withdraw in the LP token, ftm or tomb or both? how do you recommend going about that?

  22. Excelent video! One question: for example I build a FTM-TOMB LP (I put 200 Ftm and 200 Tomb which gives 170LP tokens).. if the APY is 100%, I will get 340 LP tokens in 1 year, right? But how do I know how many FTM do I earn?

  23. I really need help. I put it 32 ftm. and i cant really fin out why its messing with me i tried to swap first then realised i needed to LP them but suddenly i only have like 20ftm back. Now i only have under 10 i dont know how the fuck i lost 20 on trying just to put my ftm in on the reaper. Plzzz help me๐Ÿ˜ญ


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