EXCLUSIVE 1st Look – 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro! AMAZING!

My first impressions of next-gen 2023 Sequoia TRD Pro. Exterior, interior, seating, much more!

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40 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE 1st Look – 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro! AMAZING!”

  1. Let me know what you think of next-gen Sequoia and the TRD Pro. What do you like? Dislike? Thanks for watching! Sequoia Capstone walkaround tomorrow 🙂 Jeff

  2. I like your reviews but why do so many car reviewers always seem to profile the TRD Pro when it won’t be the top selling or even the 2nd best selling trim. The SR5 and Limited will outsell the TRD Pro trim by a lot IMO. Maybe this is the only trim Toyota gave you access to. Nice work though.

  3. The 2023 sequoia is great.. But I'm thinking it's going too pricey. All I wanted was more tech and better mpg compared to my 2010 Sequoia. The 2nd generation was already almost perfect, roomy, smooth, capable overlander. Most people who buys full size suv aren't off roaders, the live axles were not necessary… Waited 12 years for the new sequoia, it is going to be the sequoia or the armada.

  4. Hi Jeff great video as always, can you show a 4runner next to it? Im thinking of traiding my 4 runner or whait for the new 4runner what do you think?

  5. I like this….BUT…..
    I hate the back. There really isnt a nice big back end that you can fill with whatever you need. The seats sit so high when folded down you lose like a third of the interior space. It makes it decent for when you need to fill it full of people or kids…..but horrible for actually moving gear…supplies…your local home depot run…etc.
    Plus i can definitely see them limiting different options to different models. Like for instance things like the Full glass roof…that will end up only being in the capstone version…along with things like the interior lighting and certain interior color options.
    So people that want the TRD version will be limited to a normal sunroof….and the boring black interior.

    Toyota really needed to kill it with the Sequoia….they needed to both offer a high end vehicle seeing its the biggest and most expensive toyota…but also something capable and rugged because we get no land cruiser. They needed to go above and beyond…and I dont think they did it. I can definitely see this design to be short lived.
    It just has too many glaring flaws.,
    Maybe the 4runner will be the one that finally hits it out of the park….but im not hopeful. Toyota just has played it way too safe…and knowing they wont redesign it for like 10 more years…it wont hold up. It barely competes now.

  6. It bothers me, why make a third row SUV with NO trunk space lol. Another vehicle that's not family friendly. No trunk space, forced to walk thru the middle to get in back seat if you have car seats installed in 2nd row. Deff good looking SUV, but doesn't do much for me Interior wise.

  7. So Jeff! Is the Capstone better than the Pro or higher ranking? Does it have the same suspension? Which one will cost more?

  8. Really lost all respect and hope for Toyota .. they ditched the power roll down rear window… Seems they're going that way for 23 4Runner… Thats what separated Toyota from all the other vehicles… Sad, RIP window… I was gonna buy it but looks like I'm sticking with my 18

  9. It's alright looking on the outside bit for what there gonna charge for it the inside such as the door panels center console still have that cheep look to them even the dash is basic all it has is a screen other than that it's really basic inside compared to the other full size Suvs such as the Yukon at4 @ least they made the interer look modern & don't get me wrong I like Toyota but I just wish they would make the inside match the modern price we pay today.

  10. I’m not loving the new design . The infotainment center looks like they stuck a tablet in the middle of the dash . It is hideous looking . The third row is smaller and the cargo area is to . Toyota really dropped the ball on this redesign . Very disappointed.

  11. I was all ready to buy a new Sequoia until I found out about all I could get was a silly hybrid engine. They can keep them.

  12. I am Driving Toyota Sequoia 2012 model, i love Sequoia, please Toyota company give me a gift of beautiful Toyota Sequoia white color my dream car, 🤭😍🥰.


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