Ethereum: ETH Potential in 2022!! This You CANT MISS!

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0:00 Intro
2:22 Ethereum 2.0
5:45 When ETH 2.0?
9:51 ETH 2.0 & Price
13:09 Ethereum Layer 2s
16:41 ETH & ESG
19:50 Onchain Indicators
22:13 Conclusion


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38 thoughts on “Ethereum: ETH Potential in 2022!! This You CANT MISS!”

  1. One day when people start realizing the value in this, and when the paradigm changes and people will have to adapt to this new way of transactions, then this will get a lot more views.

  2. Thanks for the insight and support I have no idea of how the market work unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investment is the real deal…… So I really appreciate your transparency.

  3. I like the way you talk and because of your accent I ascribe about 20 additional IQ points to you as the typical American would

  4. I see more potential growth opportunity with Cardano since they are only needing the scaling (hydra) solution to be implemented. This year will see ethereum plugin to Cardano and hopefully Hydra. This would put Cardano far ahead (technically speaking), so the question is if developers will onboard. Since Cardano has much lower costs TODAY and free governance built in, I think the path to growth is very clearly favouring Cardano. Honestly, the roadmaps for both Eth 2.0 and Cardano have been behind and can’t truly be timed/guaranteed. So the key is that projects will gain the following by porting to Cardano: governance, academic scrutiny and security, and preparedness for future requirements. Projects that remain on eth will have to do all those things themselves, while they wait for both the Merge, and sharding. I think project devs will favour porting to Cardano since there will not be any retooling required to do so.

  5. As usual, you have no clue that Richard Heart will fork Etherum with the whole system state and all erc-20 with bridges back to eth and you people are gatekeeping but we will run you over anyway

  6. You are a brilliant content creator.
    it's great to see how much you enjoy entertaining. That genuine love for the art really pops out on screen. Thanks for the great content.
    The disclaimer was great, the research was great, the presentation was great.

  7. I dont get why eth is predicted to boom, or even why it should be a thing in the future, yes its tha base for many other things, but the gas fees are extrem and there are so many other projects which are better by speed and fees

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