Ethereum Crash :-(

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23 thoughts on “Ethereum Crash :-(”

  1. Good video bad thumbnail image, if I wasn’t subscribe to you it would scare me to even watch your video. Change it to when will ETH return.

  2. The reason why I like your videos more is that you don't claim to be 100% accurate everytime like the moon bois or the perma bears do.

  3. Thanks for the Info, not gonna lie 2.3k ETH was a very tempting buy yesterday, but I think i'll sit it out. Btw when you mentioned Techleads video It surprised me quite a lot as I actually hold a lot of MM as a speculative investment, I know speculating on small caps is not for everybody so I appreciate the larger market overviews.

  4. Not a fan of BS like jpegs or any shitcoins. Speaking of shitcoins, what is an "altcoin" nowadays. Such a dated term seeing there are thousands of cryptos now. Is it anything other than the old store of value trashcoin?

  5. notes,
    Ether 2.0 will come out and lower gas fees/speed up transactions, Why on earth would anyone leave the market if they cant sell unless it hits their buy price again or higher.

  6. Great analysis, thank you! ETH gas fees are unapproachable for most normal wage earning individuals. I avoid transactions with ETH like COVID

  7. I think he bought eth at all time high and now he is in losss that’s y he got so much hattered don’t listen to this guy he sounds like he is new to crypto


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