(ENG) Toyota Yaris HSD hybrid – review and road test

Toyota decided to introduce hybrid variants for most of its model range. First there was only the Prius, but now we also have the Auris and Yaris with Hybrid Synergy Drive system. Hybrid variants of the regular cars keep all the practicality of the petrol and diesel versions. Regardless of which version we pick, the Yaris offers the same boot and interior space. But does the additional cost pay off in savings later on?

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14 thoughts on “(ENG) Toyota Yaris HSD hybrid – review and road test”

  1. What a stupid review, 5.1 litre? In Malta where I live on a return trip I get an average of 3.7 litre which is 76mpg UK or 63mpg US with this car. Clearly he does not have experience with a hybrid…..

  2. Yes definitely recommend for Malta especially now with heavy traffic. Engine is on only when going uphill. Downhills engine off + charging the battery with brakes and when on flat road it just uses the electric motor. I think I do 70% of my trip with petrol engine off

  3. Specific for Hybrids not yet so it is expensive to buy. That is why nobody cares for Hybrids here. Here most of the cars are second hand from Japan or England since we drive on the left hand side. Most common hybrid car here is the prius 2nd generation second hand.

  4. Marek, 5.2 L/100km in the city? You must be really trying hard to achieve such a fuel consumption. My wife gets 5.0 without knowing what a hybrid is and I get a consistent 3.8 L/100km (summer driving). My previous car was Ford C-Max 1.6 petrol and we were getting 8.5 and 7 L/100km.


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