(ENG) Toyota Aygo – First Test Drive and Review

The new generation Toyota Aygo is all about customisation. The small city car is also supposed to be more refined and have a better ride. The boot is bigger, there are more gadgets, but the engine remains the same.

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35 thoughts on “(ENG) Toyota Aygo – First Test Drive and Review”

  1. Τοyota is totally overrated and overpriced as a brand.It doesn't worth paying so much money for such a small car.Kia Picanto is way cheaper, has better quality inside and 7 years warranty.They also have a petrol/LPG version which is cheaper than the Aygo

  2. what an idiot 7:35 just fucking move the mirror around till it fits your seating position… loving these car reviews where they are just looking for supposed flaws that are bullshit, much like jeremy clarkson but not as funny 

  3. Pretty useless test. I'd like to know how much fuel the car uses at a continuous 80, 100 and 120 kph… The engine is NOT the same. Gearing, exhaust system, electronics and engine is all different. I don't know where you obtained your information from when saying everything was the same as the old Aygo?

  4. Put and an N in the back window.Next time when you start and move the speed panel like crasy and said to ppl that is not acceptable learn that you can lock in the height that you want.The quality is value for money and not boring.

  5. Sorry but this review is bias, I have the car for since 1st of September and I love it. Here let me tell you; (It will be long, for consumption look at 6:24 comment)

    At 0:40 to 1:00 ; The engine is quite (not silent but not as loud as you want to make it sound) from 1.000 rpm to 2.700 rpm, from over 2.800 rpm the engine begins to get loud. This is a city car and inside a city where you don't have to rev high it's quite. Also by reving the engine at high rpm using the 1st or 2nd gear and then keeping it there doesn't prove that is a noisy engine, or anything like that.

    At 1:00 to 2:00 ; Yes, there are lot's of customization options. I can't tell about the trim levels or options as there are different for each country, you should check with Toyota's site or dealers.

    At 2:01 to 2:05 ; No, no, NO! The gear box is a lot better than the old one. A cousin of mine had the old Aygo and the gear box was terrible, it was hard and you had to force the gears. Also in high speeds it was sluggish. The new one is so much better, the gears flow in, it's not sluggish and the gear swift (or stick or both) has a sporty feeling (or sound), you know a click when you put in a gear. 

    At 2:07 to 2:37 ; You are so bias here, and hahaha you made me laugh. First, anyone who drives a manual and doesn't know what gear he/she is in must be a dip shit and must have their licence revoked for not knowing how to drive. Secondly, the clutch is ''soft'' meaning you have to pull you foot faster and press the acceleration pedal faster otherwise it does what you did (I don't the English word for when you miss a swift). If you compare it to a Mini Cooper or VW Polo, their clutches are stiff and you have to pull your foot slower and press the acceleration pedal slower other wise you will rev too high.

    At 2:39 to 2:47 ; Why? You want the precision of a sport/race/exotic car? The steering weel is perfect, below 50Km/h (30Mp/h) it is light and nimble, over 50Km/h it gets heavy and more precise. You don't have to press any button, the car's computer does it. Overall it is better than any Korean or the French cars in the same league and as good the German's.

    At 2:48 to 3:07 ; Yes you can touch your co driver's arm, you have a point but it's a small city car, you aren't going for a 2 hour or more trip, it's okay. It's not like you sit on each other. Even in your favourite i10 you can touch each others arms.

    At 3:23 to 3:36 ; Yes, the boot is small. Still it's an improvement over the old one.

    At 3:39 to 3:40 ; Who ever is interested, should check the Toyota's site for the optional equipment of the car. Overall it's good, though I would like collision detection as an option. That's my gripe.

    At 4:10 to 4:53 ; The mirror link works with iPhones 5 and 5s and with Android 4.0/4.1/4.2. With the iPhone 4s works but some times it fails and disconnects. With Windows and BlackBerry as well as other versions of Android it doesn't work. I'm getting my first service the next week as well as the GPS upgrade, perhaps there is an update.

    At 4:57 to 5:10 ; For Start-Stop to work with manual gearbox you must have a gear selected and only when the car comes to full stop then put it neutral for it work. The same goes for my dad's WV polo TDi and a cousin's Audi A1.

    At 5:47 to 5:58 ; THAT was the VERY! first thing I tried when I got my Aygo…It doesn't work, you are so bias here.

    At 5:58 to 6:10 ; I'm 1.85 (or 6'1'') and yes, if you are tall you should get, otherwise you will have to put your sit to far back in order not to smash the key with your knee which it will eliminate all the space behind you. I don't know whether you want to find something to bicker or you decided you be objective but…yeah, good thing you mention it.

    At 6:24 to 6:40 ; Inside the city is at its best. With 4 people and start-stop I get 4.3L / 66MPG (3.9L / 77MGP alone), in the high way at 80Km/h or 50Mp/h it gets around 4.5L / 60MPG, at 100Km/h or 62Mp/h it gets 5.5L / 51MPG and over 100Km/h don't consider it because it gets over 9.0L / 31MGP. Combined I get 4.4L daily, from home to work (doing 30 minutes on the highway).

    At 6:50 to 6.56 ; What The Fuck?! What?… Why?… How?…I don't get it?! The pedals are better than the old one, they are more spaced and bigger. I used to press the accelerate pedal and break at the same time in the old one, plus they where small so I some times slipped them. The pedal are fine.

    At 7:00 to 7:42 ; You are so lame and bias here. The rear view mirror is small but it's not a problem. First the side mirrors are huge compared for the class and size of the car. You can always look only the side mirrors (I don't advise that) and be just fine. Second, if you adjust the middle mirror so it looks 1/6 of the roof line it's fine even with 2 people in the back, unless they are over 185cm or 6'1''.

    At 8:15 to 8:29 ; The interior is super for the price you pay, plus because it's Toyota it is well put together. For a Mercedes-Benz A Class or VW or Audi you pay a lot more for a lot less, comparing these cars. Don't try to be a jerk.

    At 8:30 to 8:40 ; Hey how about kicking, smashing or bushing it too? Maybe a plumbing pipe would do the trick! Perhaps that will so how low build quality it is. That was also the second things I tried when I got the car…and guess what, the console it doesn't budge and the door handles are fine and don't crikle. Just because other reviewers thought to abuse the car doesn't mean it is bad, even a BMW's interior will fail if you be that forceful. Beside who the fuck does that to their car???

    At 8:42 to 9:02 ; Like I said I am 185cm and I can fit just right in the back, you are taller than me then you have a problem, so overall it's okay for small commutes.

    Finally people are coming here to see a neutral and unbiased review of the Aygo and not how much the Aygo sucks balls compared to the Hyundai i10. This isn't a review, it's a rant about how much you think Toyota sucks.

  6. 3 cylinder engine has a nice hum and i liked it better in the old one which was loads louder!, 3rd gear into 1st never happens to me? hitting car keys with knee and being unable to see out the back window also not a problem for me and i am 6ft 2inch, guess you just hated the little AYGO as soon as you sat in it, only poor points for me no space saver tire but a lot of manufacturers are doing the same and the plastics scratch real easy otherwise great little car.

  7. Recently bought a new Aygo x-cite for my wife and she loves it….closest thing to the original mini on the market for fun factor,not fast but nippy and good fuel consumption too,i keep stealing the keys 😉

  8. Pays your money takes your choice people. Wife has an auto one and it does exactly what a city car is supposed to do. Its nippy in town, easy to park, takes a few shopping bags with no problem, even more if no rear passengers. Yes it will run out of puff on higher speed roads, but you can still drive reasonably long distances comfortably and keep up with motorway traffic @ 70mph with no problem. Just don't try to race away from the lights too fast though because its not very fast, but then its not built for that is it lol

  9. Have driven it as a rent car. It had 7k km on the clock – almost new and it was awful. Greatly underpowered, engine feels like a four cilinder, which is misfiring, handling – artificial. Not suitable for highways, because when you go uphill you have to switch to fourth gear to keep the speed.

    The good news is it looks good and has good fuel economy.

    Would never buy such car for myself.


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