ECHO DOT vs ECHO 4 (Best Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker 2020)

Amazon Echo:
Amazon Echo Dot:
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$100 vs $50

* Now a zigbee hub!
* Amazon sidewalk connectivity
* BLE Mesh (Acts as a hub for smart home stuff) – future proof
* 3” woofer and 2 x .8” tweeters
* 5.2” diameter
* ¼ – 20 base mount female threads for a light stand or camera tripod screw (options are endless)

* smaller, more window-sill friendly
* clock option for $10 more
* 2 kids designs (tiger and panda)
* white, charcoal, and twilight blue (clock not available on charcoal)
* LED display can show more than just the time
* 1.6” front firing speaker
* 3.5” diameter

* same Alexa commands and skills (TONS of them!)
* fabric cover
* mute button, command button, volume up, volume down
* buttons integrated in fabric
* aux in OR out port
* power ports (but different)


Heart rate sensor:
(Polar H10 is known to be one of the most accurate in the industry and therefore acts as a great standard to which I compare smartwatch heart rate sensors)

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

My tripod:

My video editor:

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44 thoughts on “ECHO DOT vs ECHO 4 (Best Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker 2020)”

  1. this is really upsetting, I’m leaning towards the echo dot simply for the led display it’s convenient. If only the echo had an led display it would be a no brainer, thanks for the review anyway.

  2. Loved the ball comment lol I was going to get my first Alexa & fancies the dot with the time displayed but I don’t think the music would be loud enough & that all I think I’d use it for .Cheers from 🇬🇧

  3. I bought both. I think I'm going to like the bigger one for sound and the smaller one for my saltwater fish. Unable Alexa skill interstellar oceans.

  4. The Microphone is THE NUMBER ONE concern for anyone using these for home automation, which is the only reason these things need to exist. How often can she hear her name? With Echo Dot 3, its around 40% fail rate.

  5. Is it a normal thing in USA to compare Alexa device for the way they can be thrown at intruders face ? I dont even lock my front door around here..

  6. The reason Im returning it is that when it connects to bluetooth, it blares out an audio notification, "connected to your macbook" or what ever you're trying to connect. This feature cannot be disabled or even allow the volume to be lowered. Over time has driven me insane, you'll hate it too.

  7. Excellent sound comparison segment in your video. Very concise and helpful video overall. I was only going to go with the dot, but I'm going to do both now. Thank you!

  8. I got a pair of Echo hub models to pair for simulated stereo music and sleep sounds background. I really would like to see the clock added to this model…then I could reduce the number of items on my night stand. Thanks for the video.

  9. The simple reson i want to place order because i dont have to buy the dumb dth more over i need a dolby surround sound sleeping mode ya costing is problem may be bundle toger and get discount and cash back too

  10. Great video! I listen to my Echo dot 4th all the time. I even have them all rooms. Well watching your video I'm definitely getting the Echo 4th. I love sound quality and couldn't believe the difference in sound. That's what I want in a speaker. That's one reason I miss my stereo. It only played local stations. The thing I like about Alexa devices is I can listen to my Sirius XM channels as long as I set it up in my app. Thank you for the review. I liked and subscribed! 🙂


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