Today we’re got one of the most iconic Japanese supercars in the shop for a deep and thorough Dry Ice Cleaning. The Honda (or Acura, as the americans will argue) NSX is one of the most recognizable Japanese sports cars ever made. This mid-engine beauty came in for dry ice blasting the undercarriage, wheel wells, engine bay, and a quick blast under the hood.

After we dry ice cleaned this classic icon, we reapplied protective wax on the undercarriage.

I love this color red, and it was great to have a car in the shop that’s not painted black this month! What’s your favorite color NSX? Tell us below in the comments!

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41 thoughts on “DRY ICE CLEANING the MOST ICONIC Honda? The Honda NSX”

  1. Don't you need to put on new protection coating afterwards? I think this is dangerous to leave it like this, every small piece of gravel will chip the paint after this…

  2. this is just stupid plus damaging. who is looking a car under floor? this car has a rubber paint like protection there, plus all the dirt and grease make it even more protected, now you remove all the grease and dry ice blasting is not so abrasive as dusting but still can damage the paint . also cooling all the rubber and plastic down to minus 100 surely cant be good for material.
    clean your car indide and wash it outside and you are good.
    dont clean engine bays, wheel space or floor.

  3. A dry icer cleaner machine if deff a purchase i want to make in the future. An evaluable tool that pays for itself over and over.

  4. There’s a thin rubber plastic undercoating applied to the body during assembly before major components are in stalled you blasted it off. You can’t reapply it without taking everything apart. It’s why this is still in rust proof condition. CO2 blasting is good for dirt but you can do more damage than good…..

  5. Though it looks good and satisfying but I dont understand why the coating needs to be removed and spray it all over again. Simple solvent cleaning and respray could be enough

  6. I'd say this is one of your best Dry Ice job !! So dirty at first and impressive final result !!! Superb work. Well worth the cost for owner for such a iconic car. Value will rise with this investment.

  7. It helps if you have a predominantly dry climate, not like here in the UK. Thing's begin to rust quickly with the rain, cold and salt on the roads.

  8. I can watch this over and over… in an endless loop…

    (There's something just so satisfying when watching this masterpiece of a car magically transform!!!)


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