Driving 500 Miles to Collect a New Car – The £200,000 Bentley Uber

500 Miles in the Bentley Flying Spur W12: I become the most luxurious taxi/ uber for the day and drove Sam to collect his Urban Land Rover Defender! It was absolutely effortless and I loved every minute of it!

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29 thoughts on “Driving 500 Miles to Collect a New Car – The £200,000 Bentley Uber”

  1. It's so many cars that Jeff besos can also faint after seeing this all cars. I couldn't need more after seeing all this. A white marble Mercedes S Class is also there

  2. The cars at Alexander's are prepared to level xxxxx.
    Done a 500 mile round trip to pick up a car there myself.
    Kids in sweetshop time.

  3. you should do some mirroring of the whole video in the edit for your non-uk followers 😀 its so weird that you are driving on the WRONG side of the road all the time! 😀

  4. Are you serious guys? You might get soft – I've don 500 miles round trip on cars like Opel Kadett D, 3rd gen Honda Civic and so many crappy cars – just for the idea. Wake up! Do some crazy stuff! That is where the good memories comes from!

  5. Is anyone else in the United States blown away by the price of fuel in the U.K.? At 4:14 it says 51.58 liters of fuel is 76.8 GBP. That is equivalent to $104 USD for 14 gallons; $7.45 USD per gallon. That is 2.5 times the price over here for 87 octane. Granted, this probably takes premium fuel, which still makes it twice the price. With a car that does 12 city/19 highway mpg, I can't even imagine the nightmare of filling up that car once a week. Wow!

  6. This is proper petrolhead YouTube content! Put a smile on my face and had me searching the classifieds for a Bentley! Nice not to have to sit through 2 mins of being sold a Squarespace site or being apologised to for the 'churn'.

  7. I used to have the previous model of the flying spur… 2016… incredible car… so comfortable, so fast, smells so good… surprisingly easy to maneuver… but get stuck in traffic and it will seem like you have a hole in the petrol tank… worth it? Definitely…


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