Dot Product of Two Vectors

This physics and precalculus video tutorial explains how to find the dot product of two vectors and how to find the angle between vectors. The full version of this video explains how to determine if two vectors are orthogonal / perpendicular, parallel, or neither using the dot product formula and by analyzing the slope. It also explains how to find the scalar projection and the vector projection of v onto w.

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36 thoughts on “Dot Product of Two Vectors”

  1. You're always dropping great content!
    I'm currently not looking at the dot product or vector calculations in my role (Project Mgmt, Statistics), but this was a great 35 min refresher. Thank You!!

  2. Sir can you please make a video in this problem f(x)= (x+ 1/x)^2 find its derivative. Im really confused thank you

  3. Hi, can you upload the gas law like Ideal gas law, Boyle's law, Charles law.. I'm really confused about the graph. I don't know what gas law when I see the graph. So, please upload about the graph , thanks so much

  4. Good day, I need help with a trigonometric function
    Asin(x)+Bcos(x)=C where A,B and C are known. What's angle x?

  5. Super sir love from india and I'm new subscriber I will definitely share this channel to my friend's and family members thank you sir

  6. this channel has really helped me in vector algebra, i missed two lectures but this channel has given me a comprehensive understanding. thank you very much.

  7. I don't get it when he say ignore the negative sign of tangent…. Because during the problem we have done so far, negative sign of these are crucial for solving an angle….could anyone explain it to me??

  8. When im working on my dream job, that is because you taught me so much and walked me through the graduating list. I'll freaking fund your channel.

  9. I love the video but I have a question. In the last problem we where asked to solve at the end of the video, both -5 and -4 where represented as 5 and 4 in the |a||b| calculation. so what happen to the subtract sign. how did it disappear in your calculation, because u calculated it as 3^2+4^2+5^2 and 6^2+4^2+7^2 instead of 3^2 + 4^2 + (-5)^2 and 6^2 + (-4)^2 + 17 respectively. Please do tell.

  10. MR. Organic Chemistry Tutor, thank for a well explained introduction to the dot products of two vectors. This lecture is really helpful in Statics and Engineering Physics.


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