Did we OVERLOOK the Honda CBR650R? (Yamaha R7 Comparison)

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You wanted it so we did it. R7 vs CBR650R. Do they have anything in common? Find out today!

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34 thoughts on “Did we OVERLOOK the Honda CBR650R? (Yamaha R7 Comparison)”

  1. "It's got a lot of power"

    No it doesn't, it's an anemic tourer, a 'sporty' DL650 with 50cc more, but less HP than a 20 year old CBR600f
    How the hell they decided to put an "R" on the end of its name?
    "Retarded", that's the only thing the abbreviation could stand for

  2. Honda…. the power of ridiculous pricing?
    In India, a Kawa Z900 costs less than CBR650R (including taxes).
    But they get away with it because " oh you know it's a Honda, will go on for ages and low running costs…. blah blah blah".
    Not to mention, there are barely any units in showroom.

  3. i think the cbr650r is on another level, but this was unfair xD, the R7 had an amazing exhaust on it meanwhile the cbr had the stock one, even in the cbr pov u can barely hear its sound xD

  4. I did my A-license on a Honda CB650R, never rode anything bigger than a 50cc 25 years earlier. It was pretty fun, only bad thing was the turning radius and weight was quite top-heavy.

  5. Break it down to basics. The R7 is a sport bike. The cbr650r is a sport touring bike 100%. It would be more aptly named VFR650 with its character

  6. Not very good at math Yammie? 208kg less 188kg is 20kg, factor in a 2lt extra fuel, now you have a difference of 18kg, which equates to just shy of 40lbs, not the 60 you stated

  7. Quite simply if u constantly drive canyons or track days, and don't wanna be in the saddle more that a few hrs then the R7. But if you wanna commute in traffic or travel the continent you go with the CBR. But i wouldn't have the R7 for track, too underpowered, that's y i bought the RS660

  8. You failed to mention that the R7 has an aftermarket exhaust that brings its weight down to 407 (From 415). If you put a comparable Akrapovic on the CBR 650r you can bring it’s weight from 455 to 445 making the total weight difference 40 pounds and not the 60 pounds you kept claiming in the video.

  9. Did my training and test on the Honda cbr650r (in the UK, so a little more involved than in the states). It's very docile even for a beginner and I'd barely ridden before. I love the looks but I found it kind of boring to be honest, after riding 3 days… I don't get the fuss, but I suppose I didn't ride it how it needs to be ridden.

  10. I totally agree, nothing beats the sound of an inline 4.
    To me it's the best sound a d I am willing to compromise a bit on power fir that beautiful sound of the four cylinders

  11. I was going to go for a 2018 650R for my first bike, but wanted something more aggressive. Ended up with 2013 ninja 636. 423 lbs 112HP 46lbs of torque.

  12. I'm about to change my old Fazer 600 from 2001, and I'm thinking on picking up either an m7, an r7 or the cbr650r, but to this day I can't choose.. I don't have a lot of money (22yo working half time while studying) so the m7 might be the chosen one, but dreams are open haha is it worth the plus for the better suspension from m7 to r7? And for a bit more there is the cbr65r.. can't choose xd

  13. Inseams are weird. I’m the same height as Yam with a 38 in inseam. And I know a guy shorter than me with the same inseam. Weird.


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