Chowing Down With Singapore’s Minorities | On The Red Dot | Who We Are, What We Eat – Part 1

Singapore comedian Haresh Tilani relishes ramen with a Singaporean-Japanese YouTuber, appreciates African cuisine with a Nigerian Footballer, and chows on cold crabs with an Indian-Korean DJ, all while talking about identity.

Over lunch with content creator Keiji Umehara, Haresh explores the perils of cancel culture and being an influencer in the current climate. They also discuss what it was like for someone of Japanese descent to learn about the Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War Two.

Visiting the only African café in town, Haresh and footballer Itimi Dickson delve into the stereotype of Nigerian scammers, while revisiting the prejudice that Itimi faced as a young footballer.

And finally, while having Korean Barbeque, Haresh grills Radio DJ Joakim Gomez his experience growing up mixed-heritage.

About On The Red Dot: CNA’s weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging.
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30 thoughts on “Chowing Down With Singapore’s Minorities | On The Red Dot | Who We Are, What We Eat – Part 1”

  1. My wife is also super mixed-heritage, similar to Joakim Gomez, and she also always has a hard time explaining who she is. Thanks for opening these kinds of conversations! Also, great food discoveries! Now got more places to eat at!

  2. I’m so sorry that Mr Dickson have to go through that kind of racism and abuse during his younger days. As a Singaporean I’m very sorry and ashamed to hear that. But I’m glad he’s able to assimilate and make Singapore his home!

  3. nationalism, the dummest species on planet earth are those who are proud of (not themselves) their place, language, color, culture, reaice ….. culture by itself is beautiful. but .. if you are human you are respected by other humans and you respect other humans as well, no matter how much your bank account is, what color you got, what language do you speak. , where the f***k do you live
    those who disrespect others because they don't speak their language or they dint' born in that specific place, I won't call the Human, they need help …

  4. The Brothers ramen are normally great but sadly the other day their cha siu was abit tough and the noodle not quite cooked enough. Thanks for sharing this series

  5. I felt home by watching this multicultural conversation. I loved it since I am on the same boat. Thank you. I hope you sell this project to japanese network so the japanese commoners learn to respect multi culturarism and people like us instead of bullying ……

  6. I was really upset when Itmi mentioned about people spitting on him. How low can people really stoop. Some people are really a bunch of scumbags.

  7. Thank you Itimi for sharing your story and experience with us and sorry for what you went through in Singapore. I am really thankful for Joakim's being honest about the editorial guidelines of Mediacorp. Over a million foreigners working and living in Singapore for the sake of this island state's prosperity who are constantly being treated differently as opposed to Singaporeans, simply because we are not the members of a family!

  8. Itimin Dickson,
    OLUWA MI O, fair play to you for making Africa proud.
    I'm a singaporean living in Ireland/ Dublin.
    I've loads of nigerian friends and I value their friendship with all of my heart.
    Without the presence of Nigerians no parties are official.
    They are the soul of good time.
    I wonder what happened to goat head and pepper soup and jollof rice in the African restaurant?
    Those racists are cowards and envious of your good looks, talent and success.
    Itimin, I love Fela Kuti's music very much.
    He's the king of African jazz .
    Hope you introduce fela's legendary music to singaporeans.
    Keep up the good work and spread the diversity around.
    All the best Itimin Dickson to you and your family.🌺💝♥️🌹🍀🇳🇬🌺🍀🇳🇬🌺🇳🇬

  9. I'm amazed by the Korean-Indian guy whose name is Joaquin Gomez (that is a Latin name and surname), wow! Singapore truly is a melting pot, super interesting and kind of lovely all those different groups of people living together ❤️🇸🇬

  10. Always Indians who want to make this about race. Look at the country India. And you will see how woke they are online. But in real life cast system prevails everything in their life. Indians in Singapore are minority so does it means they want reservation for the minority? If so then Singapore will be just like india with cast system

  11. I was looking through this series again and realised that there only seem to be 4 parts… This + Chinese + Malay and finally, Indian people… Shouldn't there be a last installment that would cover Eurasians and other such people not covered by the first four? Just curious!


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