Cardano ADA: Traders Won’t Like This

Cardano ADA update – Cardano price action is soft with the market overall. Huge fundamental with slow and frustrating launch timelines.

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Cardano ADA update – 00:00
ADA Price Update – 01:15
Ardana Announcement – 03:15
Milkomeda Amazing Progress – 06:08
Sundaeswap Runtime Verification – 07:36
Musliswap Charts Added – 09:21

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27 thoughts on “Cardano ADA: Traders Won’t Like This”

  1. The CARDANO PROJECT NEEDS AN ADDITIONAL FIGUREHEAD ALONGSIDE CHARLES HOSKINSON. WOULD LEND MORE CREDIBILITY TO THE PROJECT. The project is too dependent on HOSKINSON doing all the PR. Makes one feel if he withdrew for whatever reason, the project would collapse

  2. What is legit prediction for the next 6 months. I hold since 2019 and i looking for a good point to sell like half of my ADA

  3. I am a longterm oriented investor and have a pretty big stake in Cardano (for me, at least). Iโ€™m not selling but I am frustrated that Cardano itself is holding things up. At this rate, Cardano has taken longer to build than the pyramids. Seriously, its getting ridiculous. If everyoneโ€™s waiting for IOHK now, who knows how long it could take. Could Cardano be irrelevant by the time IOHK gets done what needs to be done?

  4. bought 10,000 ada at 1.950 AUD and this shit still hasn't pumped abit in week n a half what a shitcoin this ada is, never again will buy this cooked coin


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