Cardano (ADA) on the March | Cardano Rumor Rundown #277

The Cardano (ADA) legions are already on the march. We already have a gigantice unicorn dApp in operation. All the gears and all the flywheels are already turning, and the network is weathering it just fine. Sundae will be followed by a caravan of additional monster size dApps & monster size network optimizations. Critical questions about our future have now shifted from if to when & there’s no going back.


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0:00 Intro
1:11 Sundae Launch Network Throughput
3:43 Confusion over the Hybrid AMM/Order Book Model
5:33 Sundae Launch Wallet Issues
5:47 Nami/Blockfrost Mempools
9:13 ccVault Functions
13:01 Sundae Cancellation Bug
15:04 More ISO Pools
15:36 Don’t Whale Control Me Bro
17:10 Liqwid Community Call


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34 thoughts on “Cardano (ADA) on the March | Cardano Rumor Rundown #277”

  1. You are a true poet! Haha. Your intro is like a masterful poem! "The march was barefoot through a valley of broken glass" .. "Sunday will be followed by a Caravan of dapps and optimizations". Amazing!

  2. The launch was expected to be total cluster. Glad it went well tho. I'm farming my LQ airdrop and providing liquidity for a lot. Plus cswap sundae airdrop soon.

  3. Had a little smile to myself at the greedy folks who clearly wanted to jump in early for a quick scalp and were frozen out or miscalculated their slippage – as if they lost all their life savings on the first launch of an untried DEX on a new system in an emerging market, maybe dial down the risk tolerance a little before wading in with the second mortgage…

  4. I couldn't cancel my order for 3 days. Their "support" told me to go to an unknown site (to me) and recover my wallet with my keys to fix the issue. Nope, I waited and was able to cancel during a lower traffic time.

  5. I'm a big cardano fan and a big army of spies fan, but the cardano and Sunday swap communities did a terrible job of communicating how transactions would turn into limit orders if the slippage was not entered high enough. I listen to probably 20 plus hours of Sunday swap content and red articles and I don't remember seeing that once. I did see that transactions could take up to a day and I even asked in many of the community comment sections how the price would be handled and it was silence. Still a big fan but for those of us that have been tracking this project for months and greatly looking forward to participating we're shut out. That leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

  6. The Cardano community is the most beautiful group of people. AOS is such a philosopher , composer and beautifully redacted video. Same with the Cardano developers using plutus , and iohk team doing amazing work. It's a very educated , aware, awaken and outstanding group of people.

  7. Everyone is mad because they wanted to make a quick flip on SS the moment the dex launched. People need to clam down. More supply will hit the market and price will go back down. The worst part is over.

  8. I think you should mention the launch of the first important DEX on Cardano in a turmoil of deception, scam and massive loss of funds for the cswap community. I don't think you should post videos acting as if nothing happened. This event will stain the entire Cardano blockchain. You don't want to take sides? I think you should. More than 90 millions were lost, on day one – this will be immortalized as a terrible original sin if the entire Cardano community doesn't support CSwap.

    I was honestly your biggest fan. I would stay up very late at night to listen to your videos. I will disagree if you choose to ignore this story and act as if nothing happened. This is not what Cardano was meant to be and you know it. This is not the Ethereum forest of robbery you so frequently ridiculed, and rightly so. Let's not become this and stick together to make this chain what it always claimed it would be: fair, decentralized, just, and here to change the world, not hurt irreparably an entire community on day 1 of its biggest DEX launching.


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