Camry vs. Corolla | What’s the Difference Between These Toyota Sedans? | Interior, Driving & More

Toyota is known for making practical, comfortable, and easy-to-use cars. The Toyota Corolla and Camry are two such sedans that epitomize these characteristics. But what exactly is the difference between these two Toyota sedans? In this video, Ryan ZumMallen from Edmunds covers what sets the Camry and Corolla apart from each other. This video details the attributes of each sedan and what you should know before you buy. This is a comparison of the Toyota Corolla vs Toyota Camry.

There’s a reason the Toyota Corolla is a go-to for first-time car buyers. With a long list of standard safety features, good EPA-estimated fuel economy, and a comfortable ride, the Corolla checks off all the boxes for shoppers looking for their first car. For the 2020 model year, Toyota took it one step further by giving the Corolla a full redesign. With a sharp new exterior look and an updated, modern, and roomy cabin, the 2020 Corolla is an excellent choice for buyers looking for a small sedan that won’t break the bank.

The Toyota Camry is like the Corolla’s big brother. It has a lot of the same features, but it’s a little bigger than the Corolla. A roomy cabin, plenty of trunk space, a comfortable ride, and high crash test safety scores are all the qualities you should expect from this popular midsize sedan. Toyota gave the Camry a redesign a few years ago, but the 2020 model did receive a few notable additions. First is the return of optional all-wheel drive, which has not been available on Camrys since the early 1990s. The second is standard Android Auto smartphone integration to go along with Apple CarPlay introduced the previous year. When compared to the Corolla, the 2020 Camry is a great choice for shoppers looking for a little more space and a more dynamic driving experience.

Toyota sedans appeal to a variety of people for a variety of reasons. They won’t break the bank, and they can pretty much do everything and go anywhere and not eat up a ton of gas doing it. You’d be hard-pressed to make a bad choice between the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry. But which is the right choice for your next purchase? The Corolla, with its great price and comfortable ride? Or the bigger, more versatile Camry that does just about everything right? It’s a tough choice, but we’re here to help. This is a comparison of the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry.

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Intro 00:00-00:20
2020 Corolla Updates 00:54-01:17
2020 Camry Updates 01:27-01:47
2020 Corolla vs Camry Sizing 01:56-02:39
2020 Corolla Interior 02:40-04:13
2020 Camry Interior 04:14-05:55
Interior Key Takeaways 05:56-06:11
On the Road 06:12-06:20
2020 Corolla Engine 06:21-07:11
2020 Camry Engine 07:12-07:58
Corolla vs Camry Breakdown 08:00-08:13
Edmunds Testing Corolla 08:15-08:52
Edmunds Testing Camry 08:53-09:35
Conclusion 09:36-11:00

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44 thoughts on “Camry vs. Corolla | What’s the Difference Between These Toyota Sedans? | Interior, Driving & More”

  1. I recently switched from a 2017 Corolla LE to a 2021 Camry SE. Both vehicles obviously have their pros and cons. If you're interested in a Corolla they have excellent fuel economy and they're great for single rider's. However they're not exactly the best vehicles for winter weather or even rainy weather. They're not exactly the greatest when it comes to bad weather. The Camry on the other hand has more options, especially when it comes to different models and you can get FWD or AWD, unlike the Corolla which only comes with FWD. I've been so unbelievably satisfied with my Camry. The AWD system works great and she runs nice and smooth. I loved my Corolla, but I'm absolutely head over heals for my Camry.

  2. I used to own a 2013 Civic, and I’ve driven and ridden in Corollas many times. I switched to a 2019 Camry SE and it is so much better. The Camry is more spacious and smoother with more comfortable seats. I don’t care about the materials much. All that matters is that the car is comfortable and spacious along with reliability being the top priority. Corollas and Civics are too small

  3. You sir are short selling the Corolla by a lot. It is the number one selling car on the planet for a reason , this is the best Corolla ever made and it looks great as well!

  4. My wife and I bought a Corolla and loved it, except for one thing that prompted us to finally sell it: It was terrible in the snow and even rain.
    At times this was dangerous. E.g. our on-ramp to a local state route (Rte 9 in MA) has a slight up-hill slope. And I really mean slight.
    As it is a busy road, we often had to wait for that moment when we would hit the pedal to the metal and go for it to merge into traffic.
    And the tires would spin a few times on the wet pavement.

    Yes, we tried a few different tires, finally finding some winter tires that worked great.
    But, eventually my wife got a flat tire; tried to buy a replacement tire, and the tire store refused to sell her a winter tire in the summer.
    That’s when we decided to sell the car and find something else. (Her new car is a Subaru.)

    I’ve never seen any review that mentioned this issue. Of course, most reviews show people driving on sunny days.
    But, I can’t believe we were the only people who found the car was terrible in rain and snow.

  5. I think I'll stay with my Genesis even though it cost twice what the Honda's and Toyota's costs for the exterior size, conveniences and power. The 3.8 V6 is fantastic yeah yeah, ye,, yeah I know we're talkin about tell you it is but if you're talking about a used car and spend more and get more. There's a group of people that love Toyotas and Hondas and Mitsubishi excetera and I'm fond of Genesis I think they're probably the best made car for the money, better than cheap European cars for the same price, better than that more expensive cars have the same class ah, opinions, they're worth what you pay for them

  6. The Camry has an automatic transmission. That alone gives it my thumbs up. Stay away from a CVT tranny. If you’re stuck with one have them serviced every 20,000 miles.

  7. I bought my Camry XLE from CarMax, almost a year ago. I love the 4cylinder engine, the interior is very roomy. This is my 3rd Camry. 👍👍

  8. I don’t care much for trunk space so I have a Corolla 2018 LE and I am very happy with the car.Thanks for all the info you gave about both cars.Great tips.

  9. I have the Corolla and I love it… I have no problem with mines. It's a 2021 … I like the new camary but I have not driven one. But they both are nice cars and they are ready for the road.

  10. In my experience, when it comes to Android CarPlay connection types, I would rather go with the Bluetooth option. This is coming from both 🍏 and Android user.

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  13. I prefer a Camry better. My dad had a 2007 Camry until it wrecked 5 or 6 months ago. Camrys are really good cars. My dads Camry had 180k miles. Toyotas last a very long time. Get a camry

  14. I started from a Corolla then as I see it “upgraded” to a Camry. I learned to drive a hybrid with my last Camry XLE Hybrid. Now I’m in a Prius

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  16. I was going to buy a Camry but with with the increase of car price inflation I'll be keeping my older Corolla for a long time… Thx Toyota for your super reliability!

  17. Both: traditional Toyota reliability, value and quality.
    Corolla: hip, tasteful styling for the swinging single commuter who is frugal,, has occasional guest passengers (and hates the dumpy family/kids/dog vibe of a crosdover/SUV)
    Camry: super capable sedan that can be fitted to be a value oriented hybrid family sedan to a sporty sedan, with room, comfort and solid performance. (Not every driver wants or needs a Hellcat). Cluttered, busy styling not for everyone though.

  18. For all the people who say their Corolla is not good in snow and rain: I have a 2015 Corolla S Plus. It is my first car and I live in NJ, so I watched some YouTube videos on winter driving to be prepared. The sum total of my video watching and direct experience is if you are stuck or slow to start in the snow, turn off the traction control if you have the button (mine is near the cup holders) and shimmy the wheel until you get traction (though I seldom need to do that part.) Then turn traction control back on once you get going. I am an Uber driver and have driven in many snowstorms like this. I specifically chose the Corolla because of its reliability and performance in snow. My aunt, a lifelong Jersey girl, had a 1990 L and 2004 S and always lived in remote areas that were slow to get plowed, and she always told me there’s just nothing better than a Corolla for driving in snow. It can be done. Like I said I do it every winter with all season tires.


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