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This is the fresh new look for 2021!
Take a look at how this wrap has transformed this whole cars look and feel 🙂


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Our Mission!

“Built Not Bought is a multi-disciplined automotive and outdoor entertainment outlet.
We live by the term “EDU-TAINMENT” a cross between education and entertainment. A one-stop-shop for all DIYers to learn, engage and be inspired by our brand.”


49 thoughts on “BUILT NOT BOUGHT || The BNB Truck Version 2.0”

  1. Sam, I previously had a GU that I cut the heater box to place aircon filters into! I swear I found the info on one of the forums…good luck!!

  2. First 3 mods
    – bar work for protection
    – LED lights because I’m scared of the dark
    – awning for my pasty skin
    🚗🤙🏼 🏕

  3. What a beauty mate!!💯 First 3 mods would be:
    – Lift
    – Window tinting to keep car cool during summer
    – 12v setup to keep them beers cold in the fridge

  4. got a D22 Nav if i started from scratch I'd most likely do, tires, air compressor and recovery points for the beach days instantly!

  5. Just ordered my 2021 Hilux and my first 3 mods will be diff breathers as in NZ it is a bit wet. Good all terrain tyre and Oil catch can with diesel filter just for precaution not planning on selling the truck.
    Patrol looks sick 👌🏻🤙🏻 keep it up!

  6. Gday Sam.
    3 mods on my dmax that I did – muffler delete was first, bigger tyres and then catch can.
    Still more to come down the track.

  7. I can't wait to check it out in person – it looks awesome! I passed you a while back and the eye-like headlights and snorkel horns looked very intimidating in my rear view mirror.
    My top 3 mods are:
    1. Recovery points or bars with recovery points
    2. As much suspension lift as I can get away with
    3. Wheels and MTR tyres

  8. Rc Colorado – 4JJ1, top 3 mods ive done, recovery points hands down, aint needed to be recovered yet, but still pull out plenty of toyotas
    Bar work, because lets just say im a little rough on her
    i know you said 3 but i did Pre filter + catch can at same time so pretty standard

  9. Awesome fabrication skills on the bumper. Love the new look though not too sure about the silver dress bolts. Wrap makes it look 100x more expensive. Love it.


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