Building a *CLEAN* Honda Civic in 10 Minutes! (Less is MORE!)

From a $900 sidewalk special to a CLEAN Honda Civic Coupe! My 2000 Civic build was a good example that sometimes less is MORE. After a little bit of time, a little money, and a lot of effort, I was able to transform this car into something I’m proud of! Here is the 10 Minute Recap of the build!

For those new to my Honda Civic Videos, I’m a big fan of OEM+ modifications for my builds. This particular Civic project was built on a $3,000 budget in TOTAL. I have plenty of videos documenting this project and all that went into it. It might be easy to see this and think “ok so he just lowered it and put wheels on it,” when in reality it was so many LITTLE things that add up to the big picture. There aren’t too many clean examples of 96-00 Honda Civic’s running around anymore, and I think people appreciate the simplicity.

I understand that this 10 minute car build may lack the speed that others have, but don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS and a Motec System Exhaust. For more info on the white Civic build with more detail, check out some of my videos below!

White Civic Final Walkaround:
Introduction to the White Civic Build:
Engine Bay Detail:
Interior Detail:
Coilover Install:

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40 thoughts on “Building a *CLEAN* Honda Civic in 10 Minutes! (Less is MORE!)”

  1. I just bought a 2000 coupe that I’m going to be restoring I want that clean look like you did good job with that interior

  2. I just bought a SUPER CLEAN 00 Civic Ex almost completely rust free. This video inspires me to build her into something special! I love the simple look of your white civic, but like everyone, we all have different personal mods we would do a Lil different.. but truly, after seeing this makes me want to hop to it FAST! HAHA btw fr your Hondas are a couple of the better looking ones I've seen that don't have MAJOR mods! Good job hoss!

  3. The opening music and 10 mins summary is brilliant. Will checkout your other videos to see how it all came together in detail. Congrats on a a simple,, less is more build

  4. this is the best mod. super simple and still classy as hell. great job. This video is a million times betters than other honda civic stance videos where the youtuber keeps talking BS all the time. We ain't got no time for that S. We here to see some solid mods. GREAT editing @ALLDAYANTHONY . SUBSCRIBED!

  5. I have one of these currently gutted on jack stands in my garage. I love the inspiration and motivation you are sharing! One race. 2G buy-in. Winner takes all. Hector, you're gonna hold the cash…

  6. I'm such a big fan of all awesome cars that were ever made in the mid 80s all the way to the early 2000s. best cars that had zero restrictions and hundreds of horse power potential!! best era for me. XD Love this content and civic.

  7. Now I’m a new car owner and I recently got a 1999 civic I was wondering where I’d be able to find a body kit or just accessories in general

  8. I have a 2000 as a daily, I wanted to put maybe a k or 2 into it, but the head gasket is shot, so I'm on the fence. It's drivable, but it's choking on it's coolant slowly. Probably have another year and a half left if I'm lucky. Should I do an engine swap?


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