BTS: Agency denies new dating rumor between Jungkook and actress

While RM, Jin and sucks recover from Covid-19, Jungkook had his name involved in new dating rumors. The youngest member of BTS was appointed as the boyfriend of the South Korean actress Lee Yu Bi and it was up to the agencies of the two to come forward to deny any information.

(Photo: Big Hit Music)

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The rumors emerged after a youtuber focused on K-Pop content posted a video about the alleged relationship. The record says that JK22 years old, is the “ideal type” of Lee Yu-biwho likes “men with pretty eyes”.

She, who is 31 years old, would be a big fan of the singer and started to wear purple hearts (trademark of the BTS) on his Instagram, as well as following his older brother. The two would also be wearing the same clothes and accessories.

Because of this, this Monday (27) the agencies of the two issued communiqués. Y-Bloom Entertainment, responsible for the career of Lee Yu-bisaid it is an “unfounded” rumor.

Lee Yu-Bi and Jungkook’s Dating News Doesn’t Make Sense. They have never met in person and do not know each other. Among the BTS members, Lee Yu-Bi met sucks but that was a long time ago. We don’t even know if they’re in contact now.”

Big Hit Music also denied the information and stated that it is taking regular legal action against malicious posts and false information related to the BTS.

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