BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin. Which one is better? In-depth Review

The most wanted bikes in the Adventure segments. Both the GS and the Africa Twin are already legendary names and they got better and better every generation, getting closer to perfection. Meet the R1250GSA and the CRF1100L Africa Twin in the Adventure Sports version, with DCT and ES.

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The prices:
BMW R1250GS (top spec): €21,500
Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT ES: €18,990

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40 thoughts on “BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin. Which one is better? In-depth Review”

  1. You guys need to get into a car, cage, autoMobile…. You want music and no weather. I can’t hear your opinion. Worst video, riding is fun and doesn’t need ALL of the comforts. I will not buy either of these bikes if you are the kind of riders that have them

  2. I've never ridden a bike so big as the Africa twin my buddy & I just got 1, I'm trying to get used to it, my last 🏍️💨 that I purchased was the Honda Grom so this is a little different. I got the DCT version

  3. Loved the video and music at 14:30 like 2 lions chasing a gazelle ha. But this comparison is wrong — they have a GSA -Adventure with 8 Gallon tank (!!!) and extra 40lb that detract from off-road handling. They didn’t even point out this was GSA model — so that’s really their fault — bad comparison!

  4. On my Africa twin I have the metzeler karoo street I guess they came out with those tires so they would drive more stable at highway speeds my bike seems pretty good but it does feel a little weird when you get up around 80+ mph not unstable or anyting I think right around 75Mph is good 👍👍 fast enough 4 me. It's just out here in Phoenix cars Hall ass easily doing 75-80 mph I just don't like being the guy holding other people up🤷

  5. RIP I love to watch your videos. I currently have the 21 GS Rallie I really like it but clearance is a problem I can't adjust. I just had to replace my stand as a big rock hit it while off-roading in Death Valley. I also feel tense thinking I'm going to case it somewhere which already happened a few times not to mention I threw the towel on a few trails because I was concerned of damaging the bike. On top of that, I feel like with knobby tires I'm not enjoying the bikes strong points anyway so.. I'm getting a 2022 AT with the proper gears as it should be.

  6. Man What is the exiting about driving on rocks and eating red paprika ? I think their is better ways of spending your money.

  7. Honda Africa Twin – Cheaper, lighter, easier and less costly to maintain, comes with an automatic transmission option

    BMW R1250 GSA – Excellent road presence, built like a tank, can handle off-roading better, more electronics to customize the riding experience

  8. Плохой обзор. Я не увидел эксплуатации в условиях предназначенных для этих мотоциклов. Думаю что они создавались для того, чтоб на них дубасить по пустыне или лютому бездорожью. А они как два старых деда, съездили за хлебом и на пляж.

  9. FUCK Honda!! million times over! they sell millions of bikes in Pakistan but sell shitty bikes! we don't have another choice! until recently Benelli started to change trend here!

  10. One of your best review video guys .Realy profesional level .The music is also good choise .I have seen many time this review but i am keep watching because i am realy enjoying how it is done .Nice job 😉👍

  11. Honda might be good but is ugly I will take the bmw all day…o wait…I already have one….we’ll I will take the 1600 bagger then😉


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